This Genius Temporary Hair Dye Actually Shows Up On Dark Hair

goodDYEyoung — the hair color brainchild of Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams and colorist Brian O'Connor — launched with semi-permanent, vegan hair colors back in 2016. Now, the pair is dropping a super unique product that ups the coloring anti. goodDYEyoung's Poser Paste is a new temporary hair color and a styling product all in one. Sure, your strands usually require a separate dye for color and an additional product to create different shapes and textures. But this product does both, making it a true innovation in the hair category.

There are four adventurous hues — blue, pink, yellow, and orange— that are buildable and mixable, so you can create custom colors. The paste works will all hair textures and can be used as an all-over color or solely on tips, roots, or unexpected locations.

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But there is something even more awesome about Poser Paste, which rinses out in a single wash. The highly pigmented product stands out, even on dark hair. Yes, really.

"Our products are always ultra-pigmented, but Poser Paste allows for it to sit on the hair and then you can break it down and layer it to the style and opacity that you love," Williams tells Bustle.

With Halloween on the way, Poser Paste could very well be a critical component of your costume.

Courtesy of goodDYEyoung

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Williams tells Bustle that Poser Paste was all about creating the right formula, which took care and dedication to perfect.

"We originally thought it would be a gel, but we don't really like gels... so why would we sell one?" she says. "Brian suggested we go with a paste. This was always meant to be a temporary color product, but as a paste, it gives you more options for styling. Win-win for everyone!"

Courtesy of goodDYEyoung

Williams, whose locks have been all the colors of the rainbow through the years, is clearly the perfect person to create a hair color brand with bold, bright colors. In fact, she's so perfect for the gig that she hasn't seen her natural hair in years, only seeing the hue when her roots grow in.

She shares that her natural shade is "just dishwater blonde — so glamorous!"

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Dishwater blonde or half-pink, half-orange, Williams always slays that glam x punk rock style. But if she had to choose, the singer says her fave color to dye her strands is the color she is most known for — orange.

"Maybe with bits of yellow in there somewhere, too," she says. "I just look healthier in those colors. Truly though, I actually love being a bottle blonde. It just fits right now."

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It certainly does fit! She crushes the white hot blonde shade.

While she loves her oranges and yellows, Williams refuses to go back to brown, but that is hardly a diss on those of you with chocolate strands.

"It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever wear any shade of brown," she tells us. "Brunettes are such a blessing but, man, I cannot pull it off."

The Poser Pastes can be worn on any follicular real estate and are meant to be mixed, and Williams and O'Connor suggest the combo of Ex-Girl with Blue Ruin to create purple.

"There really aren't any rules to creating your own look and with Poser Paste, there's no risk either," Williams says. "Wear it and wash it out when you're ready."

Courtesy of goodDYEyoung

Williams says goodDYEyoung is just beginning as a colorful company, and the duo is already planning new vibrant products for those who like to challenge the norm. And they hope to create a community of rainbow-headed hair lovers along the way.

"[We want] to celebrate art and expression of all forms and be a soapbox for the creative community, both in our hometown of Nashville and globally," she says.

Courtesy of goodDYEyoung

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Being a "poser" never looked so good.