Attention, 'Grey's' Fans: Dr. Owen Hunt Just Got Married IRL & He's Expecting A New Baby

Dr. Owen Hunt's year is off to an exciting start — especially offscreen. According to People, Grey's Anatomy favorite Kevin McKidd married Arielle Goldrath, and the couple is expecting a baby together. The actor shared photos of the beautiful ceremony on his personal website, and — prepare to swoon Grey's fans — the Scottish McKidd wore a kilt to walk down the aisle. He also noted that the evening ended with a traditional Scottish Ceilidh dance.

This is McKidd's second marriage. The Grey's star was previously married to Jane Parker, who he shares two children with: Iona, 15, and son Joseph, 17, both of whom he writes are looking forward to the arrival of their new sibling. It certainly sounds like the actor is excited for this new chapter in his life. On his website, he wrote,

"Arielle and I are so happy to announce our marriage and new baby, who is soon to join our growing family. My kids are happy for us too and are looking forward to the arrival of their newest sibling!
Close friends and family came together with my Grey's family to share in our celebration day – an intimate, low key gathering culminating in a Scottish Ceilidh dance. There's much to be grateful for and we’re thrilled for the adventures 2018 will bring us all!"

There's no word on exactly when McKidd and Goldrath's baby is due, but the happy couple appear to be thrilled about the news.

While fans have come to know and love McKidd thanks to his weekly appearances on Grey's, his wife has an equally cool, but less high-profile profession. People reported that Goldrath is a personal chef. While she may not be on TV, the newlywed's job sounds like a dream come true for anyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen. However, it does seem like Goldrath prefers to keep a low profile on the internet. Aside from occasionally popping up in her new husband's Instagram feed, the chef doesn't have much of an online presence herself.

Even though Goldrath doesn't appear to be a fan of the social media game, there's no denying that she and McKidd make an adorable couple. The photos shared by the actor on his website feature the duo laughing and looking very much in love as they walked down the aisle. While the public may be surprised by the couple's sudden double whammy announcement of a marriage and a new baby, fans who have been paying attention to the Grey's actor's Instagram page may have picked up on signs that there were big changes ahead for McKidd and his family.

In January, he shared a photo with Goldrath with the hashtags #newyearnewbeginnings and #cuprunnethover. Was he hinting at things to come? Maybe — now let's hope he's slightly less coy when the couple's sure-to-be adorable baby arrives.

For now, McKidd is probably just happy that his real life is way less dramatic than the one Owen leads onscreen. Since the character arrived in Season 5, he's dealt with the stress of his past in the military, married and divorced Cristina Yang, been through a scary number of disastrous situations, and he continues to have a complicated relationship with Amelia. That's just the way life is in the world of Grey's Anatomy.

Thankfully, reality is so much sweeter for this TV doctor. McKidd and Goldrath's life together appears to be off to an amazing and happy start. Here's hoping that their growing family continues to bring them nothing but joy, while all of the Grey's style drama stays on the small screen. Hey, Dr. Owen may be dreamy, but a real-life happy wedding and exciting baby news trumps the many tears shed by the good doctor over his messy personal life any day.