Gwen Stefani Is Launching A Makeup Line & The Rumored Products Are B-A-N-A-N-A-S

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Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, these are a few of the celebrities that are known for their makeup and their makeup brands. Now, there's a new celeb on the block because Gwen Stefani is launching a makeup line according to TMZ. The site obtained documents seemingly filed by Stefani and her team to trademark the name P8NT. According to TMZ, it's the name of her new makeup brand.

Stefani isn't exactly a stranger to the beauty world. A few years ago, Stefani collaborated with major makeup brand Urban Decay Cosmetics. Back in 2015, the brand and musician teamed up to craft an eyeshadow palette after Stefani had already been the face of the brand's Ultraviolet Edge, a charitable branch of the cosmetics company. Following the palette, though, she collaborated with Urban Decay again to craft multiple shades of lipstick. Clearly, makeup isn't exactly something Stefani is unfamiliar with.

As for her own brand, Stylecaster says that Stefani will be launching products integral to who she is as an artist. Of course, this means hair dye. You can probably put your money on a platinum blond shade given it's now Stefani's signature look. Alongside the dye, fans will also be getting nail polishes, but Stefani hasn't forgotten about traditional makeup. Lipstick, powders, and liners are also allegedly slated to come from the brand.

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As of press time, not much is known about the collection itself other than the name. Stefani has not spoken out about the creation, so other than the trademark paperwork uncovered by TMZ, there's not much to go on.

Don't despair, though. Stefani's style reveals more than enough to make educated guesses about specific products that could be coming.

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It's probably safe to say that lipsticks are definitely on the menu. The singer and former The Voice coach is known for her classic, well defined red lip. From mattes to satins, her look almost always centers on a red lip. Just a glance at her Instagram account will prove that she knows how to rock the bold hue.

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The other item you can potentially count on? Eyeliner. Stefani's look totally skews into retro vibes. She commonly pairs her bright red lip with a winged liner and lashes. It's very Marilyn Monroe meets rockabilly, and it could be exactly what's to come from this potential brand.

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Of course Stefani isn't alone in launching a makeup line. In fact, the move seems to be a trend among celebrities. In just the past year, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have both launched cosmetics brands. Based on their success, the move appears to be a good idea.

According to Time, during KKW Beauty's first run with her original contour and highlighting sticks, the reality television star turned beauty mogul raked in a cool $14.4 million. Given that Kardashian's collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner totaled around $13.5 million in sales, that's not exactly a shock.

As for Rihanna? Fenty Beauty is a powerhouse, and the reasons are for much more than money. The brand's inclusive line of foundation may have just revolutionized the makeup industry. In fact, some have dubbed it the Fenty effect. Following the launch, beauty brands began expanding their shade ranges at a rapid pace, and it's been beautiful to see. From the foundation to their universal lip gloss and red lipstick, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has left a definite mark.

Will Gwen Stefani's P8NT be the next in the ever growing list of celebrity makeup brands? Only time will tell, but with such a defined signature look and beauty collaborations already under her belt, fans will definitely be excited.