Halsey's Tracklist Will Make Fans Even More Pumped For Her New Album

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you can't wait for the "New Americana" singer's new album, you'll be psyched to hear that Halsey's tracklist for her 2017 album has arrived. The singer published it on Twitter under the caption, "Hidden in the newspaper," along with a reminder that Hopeless Fountain Kingdom will be dropping in early June. If you already had kid-on-Christmas-Eve feels, let those emotions multiply. Because it looks like this may be the musician's most intense album yet.

Purely from a dissection of Halsey's song titles, the work looks pretty dark. Two themes appear to dominate: the Christian vision of the afterlife (heaven/hell) and loneliness. For the former, we've got songs like "Heaven In Hiding," while the latter appears to be a romantic solitude forced on the singer by her self-professed lack of relationship skills ("Bad At Love"), her emotions ("Alone," "Hopeless"), or even by her own need to retreat from the world ("Eyes Closed").

Since Halsey has not spoken publicly about her religious beliefs, you shouldn't jump to the conclusion that she intends the first theme literally. Given the way both topics seem to overlap, it could imply she's suggesting that hell and heaven are of our own making — that heaven could be in hiding, because she feels so lonely.

Potentially another clue about the album's tonality could be found in the way the 22-year-old communicated the news. Before publishing the playlist, she also dropped the following tweet, which perhaps implies that she's envisioned an entire fictional kingdom, complete with its own media (most fantastical of all — a world where the citizens still read print newspapers).

If the above is anything to go by, it looks like Hopeless Fountain Kingdom will take the passion and emotional vulnerability fans were introduced to in her 2015 record BADLANDS and add a dash more magical realism — potentially playing on the idea that your emotions can add up to a whole world, if you're stuck inside your own head enough.

So if you're ready for a musically compelling dose of introspection, mark June 2 in your calendar. This tracklist suggests it's going to be one of the most exciting music moments of the year.