This Video Of Celebs Championing Female Musicians Will Inspire You

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Few mediums bind people together with quite the same power as music. Even famous people find themselves starstruck when they discuss their favorite singers. Recently, Bustle asked celebs like Hailee Steinfeld, Anderson Cooper, and Andra Day to talk about their favorite female musicians, and the results were an inspiring reminder of how art impacts the lives of everyone, including celebrities.

In a video overflowing with positivity and support, Halsey gushes over rising musician Day, while Cooper, Idina Menzel, and more talk about the impact Madonna's music has had on their lives. The lovefest continues with praise for Kesha, Meghan Trainor, and Shania Twain. The most heartwarming part of all is when Day sends a special message to her peers — Halsey, Alessia Cara, Trainor, Maren Morris, and Kesha. "You women are the new trailblazers, and I have so much love for you and so much respect for what you do," Day says. "I have so much respect for what you are doing. Never stop. Go sis, show them what power looks like."

The music industry has a reputation for being cutthroat, and everyone is familiar with the stereotypical idea that women will tear each other down when given the chance. Yet neither of these things are true. Women can be each other's greatest support system and when they are given a moment to champion each other, most will take it. Seeing so many talented female musicians highlighting each other's strengths is a reminder of how supportive artists can be.

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Spreading love is so much easier than spreading hate. Artists like Halsey and Menzel are inspired by other female icons, not jealous, and they are all about supporting their fellow female artists. While award shows sometimes seem to pit artists against each other to win a trophy, the truth is, the music industry is full of women who want to lift other women up with their music.

These artists deserve all of your love and respect for their talent and beautiful spirits. Young artists like Steinfeld and icons like Menzel are all amazed by fellow women in their field. They see the power, ferocity, and talent, and they are eager to celebrate those traits. Let them inspire you to build up the women who have impacted your life — from your favorite celebrities to your family members — because women are so much stronger when standing together.