Hannah Ann Has A New Word For You To Add To Your ‘Bachelor’ Vocabulary

John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

There's always a lesson to be learned on each new season of The Bachelor, and on Monday night, that happened to be a vocabulary lesson. Hannah Ann said the word "finasco" on The Bachelor while discussing "Champagne-gate" once more, and Twitter was about as ready to let go of it as Kelsey was her bottle of Dom.

Picking up where last week's episode left off, Kelsey and Hannah Ann sat down to hash out Champagne-gate poolside at the Bachelor mansion. "After the finasco of the champagne-stealing incident, you were calling me 'b*tch,'" Hannah Ann said, officially shifting everyone's attention from their ongoing feud toward the brand new word that she introduced to the world.

Though many Twitter users assumed that "finasco" was a word that Hannah Ann coined herself, Jason Tartick — who appeared on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette and is currently dating Kaitlyn Bristowe — revealed that it is, in fact, an actual word. At least, by Urban Dictionary's standards. "Fin-as-co," Jason wrote on Twitter, alongside a screen shot from the website, which defines "finasco" as a "financial fiasco or poor business decision." Probably not what Hannah Ann was going for, unless she had to pay Kelsey back for the Dom.

In the wake of the ongoing fight between Kelsey and Hannah Ann, "finasco" also had Bachelor Nation picking sides over how, exactly, they heard the model mispronounce the word fiasco. "Is finasco/fidasco the new yanny/laurel?" Twitter user Brett S. Vergara wrote, after one of his followers pointed out that they actually heard a "d" in Hannah Ann's word. And she wasn't the only one:

Fortunately for Hannah Ann, she wasn't the only woman in the Bachelor mansion to fumble over her words this week; after opening up the outfits that Demi Burnett gifted them for their pillow fight group date, Kiarra gushed about her "cute pajama ling-ery set." In other words, the women competing on this season of The Bachelor saw Hannah Brown coin the word "befumbled," and decided to create a few new words of their own on their quest to win Peter's final rose.