‘Bachelor’ Nation Is Living For The Iconic Way Hannah’s Mom Described Jed

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Bringing your S.O. home to meet the parents is nerve-wracking enough. But having to do so with two different guys you're dating on national television is downright terrifying. Hannah B found herself in this exact position on night one of The Bachelorette finale, when she introduced Tyler C. and Jed Wyatt to her parents, and one of them faired way better than the other. Both parents were visibly unimpressed with Jed, but one line summed it all up when Hannah's mom said Jed "has qualities" and all of Bachelor Nation felt the burn through their screens.

Hannah's parents' main concern with Jed was the fact that he was a singer-songwriter, not exactly a stable career choice. And, unfortunately, they weren't impressed with what Jed had to say about their worries. When Hannah's dad told Jed he was worried that he wouldn't be able to provide for her, Jed didn't ease his mind when he revealed his biggest career achievement was a dog food commercial jingle.

His time with Hannah's mother didn't go much better. In one pivotal moment, Hannah asked her mom, "How do you feel about Jed and I together?" to which her mother replied, simply, "Um, he has... qualities." And, with one simple phrase, Hannah's mother became the MVP of the night.

While both parents felt confident about Tyler's connection to Hannah and how he respected her, they couldn't really say much about Jed. And as stated before, he wasn't really giving them much to work with. Needless to say, Hannah's mom didn't hesitate to tell her daughter what she really thought about her suitors, which upset the Bachelorette.

After talking with her mom, Hannah was just more confused than before. "I am concerned, I am confused and conflicted," she said. "No matter how much I want to make this my decision, I want them to see what I see." But what Bachelor Nation saw was that Jed has... qualities and it was hard to see much else after that major diss.

One account, @thebachdiaries, even pointed out a similar line from Cassie Randolph's dad about Colton Underwood in the previous season of The Bachelor. Colton and Cassie did end up together, so, who knows, maybe Hannah's mom's lackluster reaction to Jed is actually a good sign.

Basically, between Jed's "qualities" and Tyler just being a seemingly better match, Jed is not in the good graces of the fandom right now. Not to mention he has that whole ex-girlfriend situation and even his parents weren't on board with Hannah or their relationship. Long story short, things aren't looking too good for Jed, and he should know it.

Hannah teased a potential confrontation with Jed in a post-show message after the first part of the Bachelorette finale. Though she didn't mention him by name, she seemed to address all the rumors regarding his past conduct. "The past couple of months have been really tough and emotional," she said. "I know there are a lot of rumors out there. Honestly, tomorrow night, I have a lot of questions that need to be answered." It sounds like Jed is going to have to use all of his "qualities" on the live Bachelorette finale.