Harley Quinn’s TV Series Is Her Chance To Get The Justice She Deserves

by Ashley Rey

Just when fans thought they've gotten to know all of the many facets that Harleen Quinzel has to offer, DC Comics finds a way throw them off course. According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is delivering a 26-episode Harley Quinn animated TV series straight to its upcoming DC digital platform. And after her basically being fridged in Suicide Squad left fans utterly disappointed, this could mean that the famed character will finally get the chance to be treated fairly.

So far, it's been reported that the show will be adult-aimed, and Margot Robbie is at the top of the list of actors to voice the role. The news comes just after Warner Bros. announced that the Joker and Harley Quinn film is in the works, which received mixed reviews from fans. Since Warner Bros. would potentially be using Suicide Squad as an introduction the their standalone film, her toxic relationship with the Joker and the over-sexualization of her appearance may also be a focal point in the film.

Harley Quinn, professionally known as Harleen Quinzel, PhD., was birthed into the DC Comics world 1992, playing the Joker's sidekick in the Batman: Animated Series. Since, Harley Quinn has played the role of the antihero, teaming up with other female villains, and is known for having a dangerous romantic relationship with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, the Joker.

In earlier years, the former psychologist rocked a black and red bodysuit, representing that of a jester to the Joker, and also symbolizing that she was bosom buddy of the villain, and not meant to have an identity outside of that. Harley Quinn's makeover in Suicide Squad was meant to introduce a more independent side of her to the world, but her hot pants and Joker-branded apparel, unfortunately, played into the notion that her mere existence was dependent on a man. Oh, but not just any ol' man. Her new and improved costume symbolized to some that Harley Quinn saw unhealthily herself as the property of her abusive "lover" — for lack of a better term.

The animated series could be the true turning point for the beloved character, however. According to Movie Pilot, the adult-aimed show would show a world in which Harley Quinn's relationship with the Joker is now officially behind her. Instead of wreaking havoc, in hopes of having her former lover prove his love for her by coming to her rescue, she's setting her sites on becoming Gotham City's new Queenpin of Crime — without the assistance of the Joker.

And because every badass villain needs a badass partner in crime, it's also being reported that Harley Quinn will be teaming up with an old pal to help make her dreams come true. The legendary super-villain Poison Ivy will be a staple in the new series, along with a lot of other villains and heroes from the DC Universe.

The best part about the news, however, is that the series will be dedicated to the existence of Harley Quinn, irrespective of the Joker. Fans may be that much closer to finding out more about the villain, and seeing a fair portrayal of the hopeless romantic's strength — finally leaving the damsel in distress routine at the wayside. Because as it's been proven throughout her time in the DC Universe, she has so much to offer the world — unrelenting toughness and hilarious quips included.

Needless to say, if introducing a heroine independent of the Joker was Suicide Squad's aim, they totally missed the mark. And the upcoming film following the Joker and Harley Quinn could potentially follow the same disastrous recipe. But hopefully, Harley Quinn's new animated series will do her justice — showcasing the standalone, badass we all know she could be.