There's One Moment In Harry Styles' "Kiwi" Music Video That Has Everyone On Twitter Losing Their Minds

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Are you still alive? Because many Harry Styles fans aren't. Why? Because Styles' Kiwi music video is out, and there's just a lot going on in it. Between the children and the cupcakes, the puppies and that ending, the singer has left a trail of freaking out fans in his wake. But the "Kiwi" music video memes and tweets you need to see are the ones that focus on the fandom's cause of death: That. Smirk.

Arriving right at the end of the video, Styles' enigmatic smirk is as mysterious as it is alluring. For some fans, that's meant understandably desperate attempts at trying to unravel the hidden depths of the smirk, and the meaning behind it. For others it's meant screeching into the dizzying void of their Styles-obsession, because the smirk has officially pushed them over the edge.

Either way, it's driven online conversations regarding the suggestive curve of Styles' mouth in the "Kiwi" video to another level, and that, in and of itself, it worth talking about, you guys. For one thing, you'll definitely want to remember exactly where you were the morning that Styles' smirk broke the internet. But most importantly, if we can make any sense of this moment, or of the rest of the "Kiwi" music video that precludes it, then so be it.

Here's the most important takeaways that Styles stans have had to share about the now infamous smirk so that we may in any way understand it...

First And Foremost, We Need A Detective On The Scene...Because That Smirk Has Obliterated People

Please, cordon me off with some police tape because this is officially a crime scene, OK?

Cause Of Death: That Smirk...

Yup. There's no recovering from this one.

This Isn't An Isolated Incident, You Guys. It's Actually Highly Contagious.

Seriously. Have we all been taken out in one fell swoop of a smirk? Well, it's been great knowing you all. Glad we all got to enjoy that food fight, at least.

In Fact, The Now Iconic Moment Deserves It's Own Grand Title

We respectfully request that Styles release a range of cupcakes by the name of "Kill Me With A Smirk" asap, please.

For Some, The Smirk Bypassed The "Deadly," Part And Went Straight To The "Unbearably Hot" Part

Incidentally, that gif is a highly accurate reconstruction of all of us watching the end of the video.

It Was So Hot It Basically Made Us Melt

Messy but true.

If The Smirk Feels In Any Way Familiar To You Then This Is Likely Why

It's funny because it's true. The Styles smirk is basically how you know a fanfic is legit.

Some Other People Had Some Very Extreme Reactions To It

Whoa there.

While Others Made Some Surprisingly Spooky Observations About It

Firstly, congrats on making the smirk something even remotely creepy. But secondly, damn, this is absolutely spot on. Can we have Styles star in the next Conjuring movie, please?

Then, There Was The Fans Who Knew The True Measure Of What That Smirk Meant...

...even if they still didn't have the slightest idea what the rest of the video was supposed to mean.

And When You Add Up All Of The Video's Details, The Smirk Admittedly Becomes Even Stranger...

Well, when you put it like that...

In A Way, The Smirk Was The One Thing That Made Total Sense In The Video

It's simple but it's true.

It Was A Smirk Of Pure, Unadulterated Pride

To be fair, if you'd just been involved in coordinating one of the barmiest music videos of 2017 involving kids, cupcakes, and puppies, then you'd be smirking by now, too.

There's Even The Possibility That The Smirk Has Led To An Inception Style Loop

Styles smirking at an endless, online thread of people talking about his smirking? This process could potentially be endless.

The Smirk Is Basically The Sprinkles On Top Of A Very Strange Cupcake

And what's a cupcake without sprinkles?

To Surmise...

They're the strangest ingredients and yet they add up to the greatest flavor. Who knew?

The "Kiwi" video is basically quite the achievement, and that smirk was Styles laying his proud signature down on it. Somewhere, deep down inside, he must have known it would send fans into the state of hysteria that's currently being unleashed online. So kudos to him, because it totally worked. Our hearts are now as messy as the aftermath of a savage cupcake fight and fans may never quite be the same again.