Corinne Set A 'Bachelor' First

Rick Rowell/ABC

Just a note to future Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants — if you get a rose on a group date, you still have to attend the rose ceremony later on. Unfortunately, Corinne didn’t get the memo on The Bachelor, because she nabbed that rose, threw herself at Nick, got semi-rejected, and then promptly fell asleep and slept through the rose ceremony. This got me thinking— has anyone ever missed a rose ceremony on The Bachelor?

Well, I went to the Bachelor library in my apartment (it’s just like Belle’s in Beauty & the Beast), and I did my research, and I couldn’t find anyone, which means that Corinne is likely the very first contestant in Bachelor or Bachelorette history to miss a rose ceremony and still be on the show. I’m not talking about someone who got bounced before the roses were given out or opted to leave. I’m talking about someone who got a rose and just opted not to show up and watch the other ones. It’s like Corinne got early graduation and couldn’t be bothered to walk with the rest of her classmates. She’s like, “Nah, I’m good.” Of course, Corinne was also upset and embarrassed, so I’m sure that contributed to her wanting to go to sleep and end the day.

Rick Rowell/ABC

For some reason, Corinne equates sex with attention, and she wanted Nick to pay attention to her so she opted to wear nothing under her trench coat and bring a bottle of whipped cream for a game of whipped cream bikini. Nick played along at first but later rebuffed her advances, and Corinne was understandably upset and embarrassed. I would have been, too, since she put herself out there and got rejected. So, in deciding that she would pull an Ali Larter in Varsity Blues, Corinne became the first Bachelor contestant to ever pass on a rose ceremony. Congratulations, Corinne! You'll go down in Bachelor history. For this and likely many other reasons before the season is up.