People Thought Laura's Hair Looked Different On 'Love Island' & We're Confused


If there's one contestant whose Love Island experience turned out to be far from the relaxing Majorca holiday of dreams, it's Laura Anderson. The 29-year-old air hostess has endured a lot of stress and mental anguish during her time on the ITV2 reality dating series, clashing with love interests and her fellow female Islanders alike. Thus, I'm totally up for Laura getting some major TLC and it seems she may have done just that, as rumours swirl she has made like Dani Dyer and coloured her hair in the villa. So, has Love Island's Laura dyed her hair or not?

Well, Laura has dyed her hair before obviously. Before becoming bleach blonde in time for her Love Island debut, OK! reports the Scottish native used to have long brown hair and has also sampled a shorter blonde look in the past, although she previously confirmed to the Mirror that she would be employing the use of extensions for her time in the Love Island villa. "I think my hair extensions are glamorous," she said.

So, that's what happened before Laura went into Love Island. But, what's going on with her hair now she's in the villa and under that Majorcan sunshine 24-7?


Well, images from Tuesday night's episode are flagging the attention of some Love Island fans to Laura's hair colour. In the images, Laura's hair appears to be giving off a much fiercer copper look, and viewers on Twitter want some answers, quite frankly.

Below are just a few of their reactions:

So, what are the answers to this particular puzzle?

Well, closer inspection of the above picture really does suggest Laura has kept her blonde extensions in, which makes the idea of dying her hair another colour a bit nonsensical really. Thus, the answer for the presumed colour change must lie elsewhere.

One theory that would explain Laura's hair colour change is simply that she's been in the villa for more than six weeks already, and her natural hair has started to grow out. Another could be that Laura simply hadn't washed her hair in a while, or accidentally rubbed suncream into it, leaving a residue which — when it catches the sunlight — again, gives off a cooper-ish vibe.


One additional theory might be that her hair has changed colour under the sun. As Cosmopolitan reports, the sun can turn hair "brassy or dull" surprisingly quickly, and Laura's hair does look to have taken on a more brassy tone. But, in this picture — also taken from Tuesday night's episode — Laura's hair appears to be back to its normal colour, so could it just be the light? Either way, even if Laura did dye her hair in the Love Island villa, could you really blame her?

Of all the contestants this year, it would probably more than fair to say Laura has had a tough run of it: first being dumped by Wes Nelson for Megan Barton-Hanson and then getting caught right in the centre of the Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler who-kissed-who scandal, that pretty much divided the villa and left recently dumped Islander Ellie Brown spouting obscenities too indecent for pre-watershed television.

And, in Tuesday night's episode, it seemed more heartbreak was on its way.

Whatever happened to her hair, here's hoping Laura is getting enough support in the villa to thrive. But alright, one last minute theory: Laura borrowed whatever Dani had lying around to mix up her own hair. Whatever happens, I say good on her.

Love Island airs on ITV2, Sunday to Friday at 9 p.m.