Has Tyler Posey Responded To The Bella Thorne & Charlie Puth Drama?

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you think love triangles, the mind usually wanders to daytime soaps or nighttime melodramas. While the trope is even tiring fictionally, when it's actualized in real life, it can be even more perturbing. If you've heard about the recent relationship woes involving Bella Thorne, Charlie Puth, and Tyler Posey, your head is probably spinning. While Thorne and Puth have both been vocal, the third party hasn't seemed to be as involved, which begs the question, has Tyler Posey responded to the Thorne and Puth drama at all? 'Cause, um, his input would be the icing on this awkward social media feud cake.

But first, let's tackle Puth's tweets that sorta, kinda incited the whole thing. Puth tweeted about not wanting to be "in the middle" of a relationship that he believed was still happening between Posey and Thorne. He wished better for the Teen Wolf actor and called for peace. But, he also allegedly that Thorne was not honest with him about her status with Posey. The he said, she said didn't end there, either.

He even went so far as to answer a fan's inquiry about it.

Puth wasn't the only one in his feelings. Thorne also took to social media to defend her honor and counter the singer's claims. She responded over the course of two days saying first that her and Posey are not together and that she isn't even with Puth in the first place.

She also retweeted Keke Palmer's tweet to Puth that asserted he should have kept the situation "private."

Thorne tweeted again, further clarifying what went on.

She also thanked a fan for "paying attention" when the fan pointed out that Posey and Thorne had already broken up. As Hollywood Life points out, she even posted a throwback picture with him insinuating that all is well.

So, you see how in the midst of all this going on, how Posey got lost in the shuffle. And it's kind of ironic considering how the entire fight is based on either not wanting to hurt him or insisting that he was not hurt.

Still, Posey hasn't made his side known. There's been nothing written on his Instagram or Twitter in relation to the news at all. So, maybe Posey is simply above all the pettiness, whether he's affected emotionally or not, being that he hasn't responded.

Bustle reached out to reps for Thorne and Posey at the time of Puth's tweets, but did not receive a response; Puth could not be reached for comment.