Heather Gave Hannah B. Bad Advice On 'The Bachelor' & Twitter Was So Amused

ABC/Rick Rowell; inkster95/Twitter

When it comes to Heather's storyline on this season of The Bachelor, there's been major focus on the fact that Colton may be the first guy she ever kisses. The title underneath her name is even "Never Been Kissed." However, she earned a new title on Monday night: pot-stirrer. Heather gave Hannah B. bad advice on The Bachelor, and fans can't help being amused.

Is she intentionally stirring the pot? Or does she not even realize she's sparking up drama? It's currently unclear, but recently, Heather slipped into the role of Hannah's go-to confidante. Hannah was Miss Alabama in the Miss USA pageant. She was pageant roomies with fellow Bachelor contestant Caelynn, who went from being Miss North Carolina to the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant. Meanwhile, Hannah did not place in the competition.

Both women revealed they had been close friends.... at first. Then, there was a shift in their dynamic and they became rivals. And that's where the similarities stop when it comes to their versions of the story. They both claim that the other is "fake," "manipulative," and essentially every other negative adjective. At this point, it's unclear who's telling the truth and fans will probably never know, but Colton sure does. That's where Heather comes in.

Heather encouraged Hannah to "warn" Colton about Caelynn and her (supposed) intentions. She insisted that it was the right thing to do. Heather has never been kissed, but her title might as well be "never watched The Bachelor." Does she not know that using one-on-one time to talk about the other contestants gets you sent home? That's a rookie mistake. Or maybe Heather does know and she just wanted Hannah out of the competition?

Most likely, Heather just made an error in judgment. Even so, she's seriously stirring the pot and viewers kept talking about it on Twitter.

1. A New Title?

outofthelimo on Twitter

Whether it's intentional or not, Heather is definitely stirring up the drama between the former pageant contestants.

2. Her Comments Weren't Actually Helpful

devon_lee_ on Twitter

Of course, there is a lot of footage that didn't make the cut. Nevertheless, based on what was shown, Heather said nothing remotely helpful. She just continued to stir it up.

3. Is She Playing Hannah?

condimentbache1 on Twitter

Is Heather purposely sabotaging her? Or does she just have no idea that she's giving the worst advice possible? Let's hope it's the latter.

4. She Just Keeps Stirring

thebach_tweets on Twitter

Why, Heather? Why!?

5. She Gave Bad Advice

thebach_tweets on Twitter

Hannah should've focused on her relationship with Colton, not her defunct friendship with Caelynn.

6. Did A Producer Put Her Up To This?

clementinecup on Twitter

Let's break down that fourth wall. Maybe this isn't truly Heather's fault? Maybe a producer encouraged her to add some drama to the season.

7. Wait, Is Heather Secretly A Producer?

inkster95 on Twitter

Now that would be a twist. Nevertheless, it's very unlikely that Heather is actually a mole in the cast.

8. Some Say She's A Snake

iceprincebrando on Twitter

Is Heather a snake? If she is, that worked out pretty well for Taylor Swift (who spun the negative comment into something she embraced on her Reputation tour). So, she's in good company.

9. Is Heather Pretending To Be Friends With Hannah?

judsyn on Twitter

Maybe Heather is a Bachelor super-fan and knows exactly what she's doing.

10. "No Doubt"

jacobfilmguy on Twitter

This fan is convinced it's intentional.

11. Living For The Drama

roseline714 on Twitter

It sure seems like Heather is living for the Hannah B. vs. Caelynn feud.

12. She *Might* Want Hannah To Go Home

_velexiraptor_ on Twitter

Let's hope that's not true.

Just like every other reality show, it's impossible to see an entire story. Nevertheless, it definitely seems like Heather was stirring the pot to a lot of viewers. And fans will just have to wait to see what happens.

This Hannah B. and Caelynn storyline probably isn't going anywhere. And in all honesty, the same rivalry will (most likely) play out on Bachelor in Paradise this summer as well.