Hello Kitty Has Her Own Pasta Now — Plus A Sauce To Match

World Market

Is something this cute even allowed to be eaten? I'm not sure that this is legal, but it's here. If you want to feel like a total child/grownup combination, then welcome to the wonderful world of Hello Kitty pasta — because you can buy it right now and it is adorable. Literally — that is a word the company uses to describe it, which is pretty unusual in the culinary world.

"Add a dash of adorable to any dish with Hello Kitty pasta," the description reads. "In shapes inspired by the iconic character, these playful, organic noodles are easy to prepare and destined to delight."

Delight indeed. And by Hello Kitty shapes, you can expect lots of bows and Hello Kitty's famous face to be in there for sure.

But what, you might ask, can you eat this pasta with? What sauce would meet the requisite levels of cuteness to be paired with such an adorable pasta? Well, Hello Kitty tomato sauce, of course. It's here, with a ridiculously cute Hello Kitty on the jar and a tomato and basil-packed sauce inside. Dinner for two (or one), sorted.

How can you get your hands on something so pure and full of goodness? Well, they're both online at World Market. You can get the pasta for $5.99 a bag and the sauce for $6.99 — so for about $13, I sense an epic dinner coming your way.

I would say you could buy these for your children or nieces and nephews but, screw it — you deserve these. These are for you. These are for you in all of your adult millennial glory. Eat them in your pajamas and REJOICE.

Of course, I'm mostly here for the pasta — but if you're a tried and true Hello Kitty fan, then there are plenty of ways for you to get a little hit of the most adorable cat around. (Besides my childhood, Scratchy, who was the cutest of them all. RIP, Scratchy.)

You can eat at a Hello Kitty cafe, you can wear Hello Kitty shoes. You can even wear Hello Kitty jeans thanks to a partnership with Levis that looks both amazing and a little terrifying — and will have you falling into some kind of weird nostalgia hole in no time. And, lest we forget, you can get tipsy on Hello Kitty wines, because the world is a confusing and beautiful place sometimes. Will you be wearing your Hello Kitty shoes and jeans, while drinking your Hello Kitty wine? I think we all know that that's the next natural step in your life, so let's get a move on.

But perhaps the biggest news is neither edible or wearable which is, I know, kind of hard to believe. Real fans of Hello Kitty will be delighted to know that earlier this year it was announced that a Hello Kitty movie was in the works. Like, a full-length movie about Hello Kitty will actually be coming your way, in the brand's first movie deal outside of Japan. Oh, they are wondrous times indeed.

Hello Kitty comes in more forms, products, and food then you can possibly consume in a lifetime — but I have a feeling this Hello Kitty pasta and sauce will go down smooth. So go and feast on the most adorable combo in all the land. It's yours for the taking.