Here's Everything On The McDonald's Festive Menu, Because You Deserve A Yuletide Treat


I hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, trouser buttons ping-aling across the room. Hold up those aren't the lyrics. No but babe, that is real life. Yes, Christmas is all about cute decorations, festive cheer, and eating until jeans that fitted last week seem to be busting at the seams. But it's only once a year and guys you've got to try all the different special Yuletide menus there are. Real talk, it is an absolutely vital part of the season. And when you see everything on the McDonald's festive menu, you will be out the door to get yours quicker than you can say "extra pickles, please."

Festive menus are in Vogue. Guys, December is very much around the corner. Do you know how many shopping days you have until Christmas? Does that thought scare the pants off you? If so, do what I do and ignore the responsibility bit of Christmas and get to sampling all of the festive delights, even the low key weird ones.

Maccy D's, beloved burger slinger, is 100 percent on trend with its Christmassy AF themed menu while also sticking to what it does best—maybe not the healthiest of meals but like, everything you want for a fried food hit.


Right let's get to it. This Christmas, the McDonald's family want your eating experience to be tasty AF and big AF. Yes, you've guessed it, shout out to The Big Tasty range for being festive, and some might say revolutionary.

Over on the McDonald's website, The Big Tasty With Bacon is being hailed as "Your favourite Big Tasty, this time with bacon". Ah yes, exactly what Christmas is about, adding bacon to things. Get yours for £4.69, or £6.19 for a medium meal.


Chicken Big Tasty is where things begin to be like, low key maddeningly potentially limited edition. Basically they have gone and chucked the rule book out the window, making the classic burger with chicken instead. The website says, "It’s Big, it’s Tasty, but this time, it’s chicken. Two chicken selects, Big Tasty sauce, slivered onions, square cut lettuce, a tomato slice, Emmental cheese in a square sesame topped bun."

Ho ho ho yes please, and it's yours for £3.99, or get a medium meal for £5.49. But can I get an extra side with that? There must be an extra side available, I am famished.


ALL HAIL THE FRIED CHEESE BALL! Winter is a time of year when fried cheese is probably most socially acceptable.


This season's cheesiest snack is McDonald's Cheese Melt Dippers. And these little molten balls of joy come with their very own festive dipping sauce. The McDonald's site describes them as, "Four breaded cheese dippers, made with camembert and served with a Tangy Tomato dip." Yours for a very reasonable £1.69, these will have you dying to bread and fry everything.

If you are the type to enjoy a healthy snack, or make children eat healthy snacks while you chow down on burgers (more likely), there are also the oh-so-delicious carrot stick treats cleverly called Reindeer Bites.



Yikes times a thousand, sometimes you just want to grab a quick pudding on the way home. So major props to McDonalds for improving their age old McFlurry by making it not only festive, but even more delicious.

The Reindeer McFlurry is a McFlurry stuffed full of tiny little chocolate Rudolphs containing a malt filling and honeycomb pieces, and topped with lashings of chocolate sauce.


Hot Drinks

The McCafe range is going from strength to strength, and appealing to customers' need to get a caffeine hit, at a very affordable price. The Millionaire's Latte does exactly what it says on the tin (well, except make you a millionaire) and fuses the traditional latte with its delicious biscuity pal — millionaire's shortbread.


According to the McDonald's site, "The delicious new member of the McCafé family comprises of a large shot of espresso blended with steamed milk, a caramel biscuit flavour syrup, topped with a swirl of chocolate cream and a caramel drizzle".

With all these lovely options available, get thee down to your local Maccas and hang a fang on some fabulous festive food. After all, you deserve it.