ColourPop Is Giving Away Lip Bundles & Highlighters For Fourth of July

Have you heard the old adage that there's no such thing as a free lunch? Well, typically, there's also no such thing as free makeup, except for now. You're about to be stoked for it. ColourPop's Fourth of July deal will get you a free lip bundle or highlighter palette. No, this is not a joke. While there are some qualifies (that do require you to spend money), you'll still be getting some banging products at no addition cost to you order. With price as affordable as ColourPop's, it's time to do some serious damage and get free makeup in the process.

What lip bundle and highlighters is ColourPop giving away and how can you take advantage? It's pretty simple, actually. All you need to do is shop, and that shouldn't be hard. For their Fourth of July special, the brand is giving away their So Into You lip bundle (and yes, it's full sized) or their This Is For You Highlight Trio, and you get to pick which one is yours. All you have to do is spend $50. Honestly, $50 will get you an entire treasure trove of makeup from the brand. Then you'll get free stuff to boot. What's not to love?

Plus, now is kind of a great time to shop the brand. Unless you've been living under a makeup rock, you've probably heard that the brand finally released foundation. The 42 shade range of the No Filter Foundation features a soft matte finish and retails for only $12, but they didn't stop there. The brand also launched No Filter Powder. There's six shades in a sheer pressed powder and three shades in their loose setting powder. Of course, there's their concealer (though, it's not new). Basically, you can do almost an entire face of ColourPop now, so why not use this promo to buy all of your supplies?

Fans of the brand certainly seem excited about the deal. Hey, if you're not hanging out by the pool, or even if you are, why not hit a few online sales on your day off. You deserve it, after all.

Fans are ready to start throwing that $50 around and snag a palette or lip trio for free.

Others are making a Fourth of July shopping spree part of their summer holiday plans.

Of course, ColourPop let their fans see swatches of their two freebies for the holiday, and they look so good. The So Into You lip bundle is a gorgeous collection of a glossy, matte, and satin lip. The glossy lip is a gorgeous shimmering peach while the matte is a gorgeous rose brown that was actually declared one of Glamour's 2018 Beauty Award winners. As for the satin finish, it's everyone's favorite hue: a warm peach nude.

As for the highlight palette, it comes with three pans of shimmery pressed powders. There's a variety of shades inside that include a peachy tone, champagne gold, and pure ivory. Basically, whatever you're looking for in a powder highlight, the palette has it, and the swatches look stunning.

As for how to take advantage of the ColourPop freebies, you actually don't need to do anything except shop. Once you've got $50 work of products inside your cart, simply head to the check out. Once there, you'll be prompted to choose whether you want the highlighting palette or the lip trio. Make your decision, and poof! It's all yours.

If this deal sounds like the perfect way to finish out your Fourth of July shopping spreed head over to ColourPop now. This is a limited time offer and is only good as long as supplies last, and you definitely need one of these two choices in your life.