Here's What Fans Think Kylie's New Birthday Collection Will Have In It

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to debuting new Kylie Cosmetics products when an important holiday rolls around. The reality television star has celebrated everything from Valentine's Day to Christmas, but the new Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is on its way and beauty fans couldn't be more excited.

On Thursday, Jenner announced that she would be revealing her second Kylie Cosmetics birthday collection on Monday, July 24, but that's not all the information fans received. Jenner also posted some sneak peek images to her Instagram. The photos seem to showcase what looks to be a bundle box — a common element in Jenner's collections. The box featured gorgeous silver lettering and a large pink bow wrapped around the top. On Friday, Jenner teased even more on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram.

In the newest images, the packaging for the potential Birthday Bundle appears purple, but it's not just the purple packaging that has created rumors about a potential color scheme for the collection. Jenner also snapped a photo of herself rocking a gorgeous purple color on her lids the day before. Could Jenner have just revealed her collection's theme?

While there's no way to know for sure, Jenner has previously created pink and purple versions of her products for nieces Penelope and North. The girls received custom colors (Penelope pink and North purple) of Jenner's products, so why not create it for the masses?

Fans have even begun the speculation on Twitter, noticing the connections between the packaging on Jenner's products and the eye look she was rocking on Snapchat.

Popular beauty Instagram account Trendmood also has similar theories.

Whether or not Jenner revealed the theme of her collection, one things is certainly clear — fans are stoked for it.

If you can't wait to see the second Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection, hold on just a bit longer. Come July 24, you'll be viewing what could be a pink and purple rainbow of color so gorgeous that you'll basically have to shop.