Here's Why Lauren B. Loves Arie So Much, Even Though 'Bachelor' Fans Don't. Get. It.

Paul Hebert/ABC

There are some relationships on The Bachelor that viewers just can’t understand. Whether it’s because we can’t see what’s going on behind the scenes with people or just because we don’t get the vibes of the Bachelor and a contestant, there are plenty of relationships on this show that make you go, huh? One such is Lauren B. and Arie, but Lauren’s hometown date brought things a little closer into perspective. Lauren B. talked about her connection with Arie on The Bachelor, and at least now we can (sort of) understand why they like each other so much.

Lauren B. is one of those sleeper characters on The Bachelor. She’s pretty and nice and smart, but she didn’t have much to say. She let all the other drama pass her by in the first weeks of The Bachelor, but Arie liked her enough to keep her around until hometowns. If I’m being honest, I didn’t get it. I didn’t get their relationship, because neither of them says much at all. They just say things like, “Wow, it’s so Italian” when they’re walking through Italy. It’s not conversation-palooza with these two, OK?

But during Lauren’s hometown date, she opened up to her mother about why she and Arie mesh well, and it started to make sense. Lauren said:

“I know you guys are gonna be skeptical about [it], but he’s so much like me. I’ve never dated anyone before where I feel like me. We can be sitting in a room full of 15 girls and I know exactly what he’s thinking. I told him that I was falling in love with him, and he was like, I am falling deeply in love with you, too. I know that he’s a very honest and genuine person, and he wouldn’t say that to me if he were saying it to other people. “

Well, she had me up until the last part, because the entire premise of the show is for Arie to say those things to other people, too. But I digress. Lauren continued, saying, “It almost like, makes me want to tear up, saying that. It’s such a weird thing. I’ve never felt the same way about anyone, ever.” She also said that she was “relieved” that things went well with her family on the hometown date. (OK?) “Seeing Arie with my family just made my feelings for him so much stronger. I know that Arie is somebody I see a future with, and that’s really exciting,” Lauren told the cameras.

Lauren and Arie have definite chemistry, but now that Lauren has spelled out their relationship, it makes a lot more sense why she’s been around this long. Arie and Lauren seemingly operate on the same wavelength, and that may mean that they don’t really need a lot of words in order to communicate. That must feel nice and secure, to have a partner that you just vibe with instead of having to explain yourself all the time to.

But does Arie feel the same way? Judging by the way he’s acted toward Lauren, it’s probably safe to say he has the lovesick bug, too. When Lauren told Arie in Italy that she was falling in love with him, Arie was so overwhelmed by her words that he had to walk away for a few seconds. I don’t think he left the table so he could let out a huge burp and come back to the camera. Lauren clearly excites Arie, and he can’t do much right now to show his love for her. Overnight Fantasy Suite dates and the final two are on the way, though, so don’t be surprised if Lauren and Arie get to take their relationship to new levels soon.