'Bachelor' Star Lauren B. & Her Parents Are Super Close

Paul Hebert/ABC

There may be four women left for the hometown dates on The Bachelor, but there's only one contestant that Arie brought up the L-word to. Out of four Laurens, Lauren B. is the last one standing on The Bachelor and now she's the frontrunner to win Arie's heart. But how Lauren B.'s parents on The Bachelor react to Arie could influence the future of their relationship. In the preview for the hometown dates, both Lauren's mom and dad don't seem overly confident with The Bachelor "process." And if Arie is serious about his feelings for Lauren, he's going to need to convince her parents that he's there for the right reasons. That might not be an easy task, especially when it comes to her Navy-trained father.

Although People magazine reported that Lauren Burnham is from Dallas, Texas, that's not her hometown. According to her Bachelor bio, her hometown is Virginia Beach, Virginia, so that's where Arie will be headed during the Feb. 19 episode. "I don't know where to begin," Lauren's mom says in the preview of the episode. "It makes me nervous, this whole thing. I don't want to see Lauren get hurt." Meanwhile, Lauren's father has a bit more of a direct response to Arie possibly, eventually breaking his daughter's heart. "I'll f*cking kill him," Lauren's dad says.


Lauren's dad's name is Dave Burnham and according to his LinkedIn page, he's not a person that Arie will want to trifle with. He currently serves as the chief executive officer of the consulting group CAVU International, which provides mentoring and training to military organizations and energy corporations. On his bio for CAVU, it says that Dave graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a degree in engineering. He served as a commanding officer in the Navy for a strike fighter squadron. He also was an instructor at the U.S. Marine Corps Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor School.

Outside of his military work, he noted that he has six years of executive management experience in the oil and gas industry. He's currently president of CAVU and is now retired from the military. Lauren's Instagram paints him not as a formidable Navy man, but just as her loving dad. And despite living in Virginia Beach, he appears to be a New England Patriots fan.

Lauren's mom's name is Pamela Burnham and, like her husband, she also has her own business. According to LinkedIn, she has a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Old Dominion University in Norwalk, Virginia. Her LinkedIn says she graduated in 2001. After that, Pamela worked as a nurse in intensive care, hospice, and home health for eight years before becoming a clinical nurse liaison. Shortly after, she started her own health care company, Affinity Home Nursing.

Pamela serves as the president of the company, which just started up in October 2017. According to Lauren's LinkedIn profile, it looks like she was inspired by her mom's career choices in some ways since Lauren also attended Old Dominion University and worked as a home health aide for nearly five years. Lauren's mom seems to have been equally as inspired by her daughter since Lauren founded her own company — Affinity Homes Staging & Design — in 2015 and Pamela's 2017 health care company also uses "Affinity" in its title.

Beyond her parents, Lauren appears to have a little brother based on her Instagram posts.

And a sister who is closer to her in age.

The hometown date preview doesn't show who will all be representing Lauren's family when Arie comes to Virginia Beach, but both of her parents will definitely be there. And based on Dave's résumé, he may be a pretty no-nonsense man. So it might take a lot for Arie to win over Lauren's parents when he heads to her hometown during the Feb. 19 episode. But if he's truly falling in love with her, then the effort will be worth it.