People Are Freaking Out About 'Jane The Virgin'

by Taylor Ferber
Robert Voets/The CW

Guys. What on God's green earth just happened on Jane the Virgin? I'm afraid to report that the entire show cast just played nearly every fan alive. Audiences are part of the telenovela drama now and it's just too much for my fragile soul to handle. Twitter is crying from Monday night's episode, and its shocking twist is deemed "devastated" by the masses. But it's what happened off the air that explains why fans, as myself, are freaking the hell out right now.

Fans were content because finally, all was going semi-smoothly in Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) romantic life. After love triangle drama with Rafael (Justin Baldoni) calmed down, she and Michael (Brett Dier) finally settled into the house and married life of their dreams. Even though executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman came out and said the triangle never actually mattered, I still sort of hoped Raf would come through and fight for his happily ever after with Jane.

Just recently, Gina Rodriguez herself gave hope by telling me the triangle would "never" really leave. That is, until, it did on Monday night. She threw me, and the world, off the show's scent. Michael was killed off the series. And the craziest part is: Fans didn't even have to watch the episode to learn that happened.

Colleen Hayes/The CW

How Michael died doesn't matter at the moment. What matters is how it was tragically unveiled to the world on social media, when no one was quite expecting it. I mean, I can't play totally naive. I did know it was coming, ever since the narrator's poignant line last season: "Michael would love Jane until his dying breath." I think I can speak for most fans when I say I didn't think it would happen this soon. But one scroll down my Instagram feed proved me wrong.

The entire cast took to social media last night to not only give live feeds of the group watching the emotional episode together, but to post heartfelt sendoff messages to Dier before most could even watch it.

Rodriguez gutted fans with this post, saying, "You are my partner in artistic crime. We did two plus seasons together and I will never have the words to express how you changed my life. Thank you @brettdier #teamMichaelForever #janethevirgin #DreamComeTrueActingPartner."

To twist the knife, she posted this adorable video Dier left on her phone the night they shot the death scene:

Dier posted this moving photo with a touching caption expressing how thankful he is to have played Michael. It could make you cry on the spot, honestly:

Baldoni posted this group shot as a nod to Dier, who he called "endlessly bright" and a brother:

Andrea Navedo and Jamie Camil posted the same photo above with their sweet messages to the actor. As a reminder, this was happening in real time, when the episode aired, leaving fans crushed.

In short, the telenova became a little too real last night...

This pretty much sums it up:

But at least fans have each other. Now excuse me while I go watch Jane and Michael montages for the remainder of the afternoon. #TeamMichael.