Chrissy Teigen's Latest Tweets Are Comedy Gold

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Never one to miss a beat, Chrissy Teigen's tweets about the 4:44 TIDAL debacle are giving fans yet another reason to love her. Seriously, this woman's comedic timing is a true gift to us all. After news emerged that new TIDAL subscribers had trouble streaming 4:44, Teigen took to her own Twitter to lightly roast the streaming service for their faulty rollout in a series of three tweets. The tweets seemingly mocked the idea of a mogul like JAY-Z teaming up with Sprint — which some might perceive as an unlikely pairing — as well as the antiquated method of listening to 4:44.

In the case of 4:44, fans were told they could listen to the album through TIDAL and through their Sprint accounts, with Sprint going so far in their advertising as to encourage people to sign up for a Sprint account to get six months of TIDAL free and to listen to 4:44 exclusively, according to Variety. It was this odd little loophole in how to download 4:44 that Teigen seized upon with her tweets.

Her first tweet in the chain was silly and classic Teigen: "I sure picked the wrong day to release my first album," she wrote on Friday afternoon. She then replied to a fan, clearly in on the joke, who suggested the album be a Sprint exclusive. To this, she replied, "It's exclusive to Cingular wireless."

Cingular, now known as AT&T, hasn't been a thing for quite some time, so Teigen joking around about releasing her album with the help of a pretty old-school phone company only made the joke (and her roasting of this debacle) all the better.

She finished up her roast with some directions on how to "stream" her fake album: "It's free until 8 pm if u have a Treo," she tweeted. If you're an older millennial, then you probably remember the Treo phone from the early cell phone days; it's basically an early smart phone, but in no way would it be high-tech enough to stream an album.

Fans were living for Teigen's comedic timing and reacted accordingly.

Well played, Teigen. Well played.