Here's How To Download JAY-Z's Album On Your Phone

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The wait is officially over: JAY-Z released his new album 4:44 on Friday, June 30. Considering it's currently a TIDAL exclusive, you may be wondering how to download JAY-Z's 4:44. Because sometimes, you may not have internet access and want to listen to the tracks on the go. Since it's not yet available via Spotify or iTunes, there are a few extra steps to hear JAY-Z's music straight from your phone.

As explained on WhatHiFi.com, you can download TIDAL tracks by setting them to "offline." (This feature appears to only be available via the mobile app, BTW.) It seems like the easiest method to do this is by adding all of the songs you'd like to listen to — aka JAY-Z's entire new album — to its own playlist. From there, you'd set the playlist to offline mode, which downloads it to your device and becomes accessible no matter where you are.

Since sometimes visual aids are easier when it comes to technology, below is a step-by-step guide to getting JAY's album on your phone. And hey, it can also come in handy when downloading any and TIDAL track your heart desires (like maybe adding Lemonade too for comparison's sake, just a suggestion).

1. Go To The Tracks List


Click those little dots on the righthand side.

2. Select "Add To Playlist"


Repeat this step for all songs on the album.

3. Locate The Playlist In Your "My Music" Section


Toggle the option circled to download to the offline queue.

4. Go To The "Offline Content" Section Under "My Music"


And from there, you can enjoy the full album.

5. Listen To The Album Wherever, Whenever


Sure, it's a few extra steps, but it's definitely worth it to enjoy the album on-the-go. And once the album (hopefully) hits Spotify or iTunes, the listening process will get even easier.