Here's Where That Taylor Swift In 'X-Men' Rumor Began

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As if she hasn't already made enough of a mark in the entertainment industry, there are whispers that Taylor Swift will join the X-Men franchise. Nothing is official, of course, but the rumor is worth paying attention to. And that's because it can be traced back to the singer's friend Sophie Turner, who would be her future co-star if she does indeed sign on. Turner plays Jean Grey in the series, and, in April 2016, posted a movie still to her Instagram that got fans talking.

In the image, Jean Grey and Cyclops are casually shopping at a record store, as you do, and Cyclops is holding up an album by the artist Dazzler. Right smack-dab in the middle of the cover art, Turner has tagged none other than Taylor Swift. Innnnnteresting. Dazzler, a teenager whose real name is Alison Blaire, is expected to be added to the franchise with the next film, X-Men: The Dark Phoenix. Her powers give her the ability to transform sound into light, which makes the name of her record — Sounds of Light and Fury — a fitting choice.

And speaking of fitting choices, she's also a full-on pop star in the world of the X-Men comics, making the 1989 singer a natural fit for the role of Dazzler. What wouldn't fit quite as well is the fact that the mutant is supposed to be a teenager, and that Swift has limited acting experience. But does Turner know something we don't? Is her girl squad member being considered for the role, or potentially even already cast?

Don't get too ahead of yourself, however, because there's very little info about this rumor, no matter how exciting it is. Even Turner's caption on the photo tantalizingly reveals nothing. There's always a possibility that Swift's friend has behind-the-scenes info that fans don't, so don't completely rule it out. But if the blonde were being considered for a role in a franchise as huge as X-Men, it's unlikely that this is how producers would choose to reveal it. The more likely scenario would be that Turner just wants her famous friend to be cast, or thinks that Dazzler resembles her.

And from what we know of the character of Dazzler from the comics, Turner wouldn't be wrong in that assumption.