Here’s What Every Zodiac Sign Should Expect This Mother’s Day

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April showers bring May flowers, and May flowers are for sharing with all the moms and mother-figures in your life — because, don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12. And while every day is a good day to celebrate the women and mothers in your life, Mother's Day obviously gives you an extra special excuse to show your appreciation to the mom figures who have positively impacted you and the people around. Naturally (just as I check my daily horoscope through like, six different sources before I even get out of bed in the morning), it can be helpful to consult the stars if you're planning to celebrate the mamas in your life, so here's the lowdown on the Mother's Day astrological forecast. There's a lot happening, so read on.

On the astrological front, the week leading up to Mother's Day is going to be an intense one, as there are going to be all sorts of uncomfortable planetary battles taking place throughout the week. Brace yourself. Mercury's planetary drama might leave you feeling sensitive and quick to make assumptions that aren't necessarily true, which only causes more grief. And unfortunately, with Mercury in Taurus at this time (the stubborn sign of the bull), people may not be feeling very flexible, either, so expect stubborn responses. Expect mom's to need extra TLC come the weekend, cause this week isn't the easiest.

One other rough patch that may have us all particularly in our feels is when Venus, luxurious planet of love n' romance, meets Saturn, stern planet of tough love n' responsibility in a rocky square five days before Mother's Day. "One of the saddest times of the year comes on Tuesday, May 7, when Venus squares a retrograde Saturn," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "This is the first of two Venus-Saturn conflicts this year that correspond to feelings of isolation, loneliness, or rejection." Yikes. Ciampi advised we try to not take things personally during this period, and up our self-care game. Be a good astro child and give your mom a heads up, too, so she knows she can blame her bummer mood on the stars.

But thankfully, the astrological skies are clearing once the weekend hits, making the potential for a sweet Mother's Day high. "Hang in there, because there's a chance for things to calm down and stabilize before Mother's Day when the Sun makes a harmonious trine with Saturn on Saturday, May 11," wrote Ciampi. Yay! Power through the week, keep in mind that the planets are messing with us, and enjoy a blissful Mom's Day celebration come Sunday, if you're choosing to acknowledge it.

In astrology, the moon is considered our most "motherly" planet, representing the home, maternal instincts, and our emotions — so naturally, it makes sense to see what's going on with Mama Moon come Mother's Day itself. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust about the lunar events taking place that will have an influence on us on this holiday. "The Moon will be in dramatic Leo in the morning, making its way into practical Virgo by the afternoon (EST)," she explains. The drama and flair that a Leo placement brings paired with a perfectionist, detail-oriented Virgo vibe later in the day? Sounds like we're in for a ride. "In the morning, we may experience over the top declarations of love from our mammas as we applaud them for their unconditional support and TLC throughout the years," explains Stardust to Bustle. "When the Moon enters Virgo, in the afternoon, we may feel as though our Moms are nit picky with our brunch spots or cards — try to prepare to overwhelm."

In other words, do your due diligence and be sure to dot your Is and cross your Ts when it comes to Mother's Day plans. You'll want to make sure that any plans you make for the mamas in your life are rock-solid, your gifts to them are nicely wrapped (and arriving on time!), and all those loose ends are tied up — cause under a Virgo moon, we might find ourselves with an extra-potent eye for detail, so you don't want a beloved mom's scrutinizing lens to fall on you (or your Mother's Day efforts)!

And don't stop there — the plot thickens. "Things get a little crazy later in the day when Uranus aspects the Moon, adding surprising twists to Mother’s Day," explains Stardust. You know what this means: Prepare for the unexpected! Uranus is our resident wild n' crazy planet of sudden change, and any meeting with indicates that lightning could strike. But that doesn't mean anything bad! It simply means that you may be in store for some surprises, sudden realizations, and twists in your path. "The trine between the moon and Uranus gives high awareness," wrote AstroSofa. "New paths are becoming explored[.]" Embrace it and go with the flow to ensure a fun, exciting evening of revelations and new thoughts.

That all said, if you're celebrating Mother's Day, give the moms in your life an extra-pampering gift — like a gift certificate for a fancy spa day, a reservation at the most decadent brunch spot, or a basket of luxurious self-care goodies. Given the super rocky astrological aspects we'll have to roll with through the week leading up to Mother's Day, ith the moon in attention-loving Leo through the morning, And Stardust shared her own bit of Mother's Day 2019 wisdom with us, too: "Cosmic advice for Mother’s Day: Go big or go home! Say yes to the add-ons when checking out." Do it up big for the moms in your life this year — the stars say so.