Fans Think They Discovered These Hidden Messages In The Kardashian Christmas Cards

by Marenah Dobin
Getty Images/Bustle

Aside from fans eagerly anticipating the presence of (a hopefully pregnant) Kylie Jenner, the Kardashian family Christmas card has some hidden messages — or at least there are some fan-driven theories that are making the rounds on social media. This has to be the most over-analyzed Christmas card of all time. They say that "a picture is worth a thousand words," but what about 25 pictures?

During December, Kim Kardashian posted one photo every day from the family Christmas card shoot leading up to Christmas Day. Pretty much every photo a member from this family posts makes headline, from a change in hairstyle, to an outfit choice, and everything else under the sun. So, of course, the family's 25 of Days of Christmas posts were intriguing to their fans.

At first people thought that the Christmas cards would be used to reveal Khloé Kardashian and Kylie's pregnancies. That theory was halfway derailed when Khloé posted her own announcement on Instagram to confirm that she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson. On December 23 and December 24, there were shots of the women in the family with their kids from the Christmas card shoot, and the only lady missing was Kylie. This led many people to believe that she would appear in the final photo on Christmas Day, perhaps revealing that she is pregnant, but that didn't happen. Fans shared their disappointment on social media, but that didn't mean the fan theories were all ruled out.

They Were All Looking At Pregnant Kylie

Maybe Kylie's presence is indicated in the 25-part card, even if she doesn't actually appear. One major theory is that North West, Saint West, MJ Houghton, Kourtney Kardashian, and Penelope Disick are all looking to their right on Day 24 because they were all looking at Kylie showing off her baby bump. Some thought that she might appear in that spot at the end of the photo on Day 25 to "complete" this puzzle (which was also missing Rob Kardashian, by the way).

Sure, some of the family members are looking straight at the camera, but why would so many of them be looking in the same direction? There were lots of tweets in support of this theory.

Many people thought the pregnancy reveal would happen the very next day.

Or... They Are Staring At Kylie As A New Mom

Some people even theorized that Kylie would fill in that spot on the end standing there with a newborn baby.

Kylie never actually appeared in the photo shoot, but could this be a subtle indication that something else is coming and that there will be an addition to the photo very soon? This isn't even a blatant "Christmas" photo. They are all just wearing white tops and blue jeans. It could be posted at any time of the year. Maybe they will share a "complete" photo with Kylie and her baby at another time.

She Is Behind The Tree

The Day 25 photo was sheer disappointment to loyal fans. Sure it was a cute photo of the family playing together in different groups, but what is with that huge Christmas tree placed behind Kendall Jenner? Could it be hiding Kylie? There's no way that Kylie would show up to the shoot just to stand behind a tree, but what if she was originally in that photo?

Was this the way they intended to end the 25 days of Christmas? Did Kylie just change her mind about appearing and a gigantic Christmas tree was photo shopped in to take her place? Maybe she was physically present at the photo shoot, got cold feet about the reveal, and just messaged the family group text asking for some last minute edits?

There are a a lot of people on Twitter who think she could have been right where that tree is now.

Every single thing that the Kardashian Jenner family does becomes a huge news story. Their Christmas card is a big deal every year, and this year was by far the biggest. Every single picture was analyzed and analyzed again. Who else can post a family photo that leads to fan conspiracy theories? Are they hinting at Kylie's pregnancy or are eager fans finding "hidden messages" thanks to confirmation bias? At this point, there are more questions than answers.