I Wore The Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday Sweater For A Day & The Jokes Were Actually Painful

Courtesy Kali Borovic

There are two types of people at holiday parties: the ones that look fabulous in their trendy attire and those dressed in ugly sweaters. This brand is making it easy for you to choose sides — literally. Hidden Valley created a ranch dressing ugly Christmas sweater that will instantly be the hit of any holiday party. But forget waiting until December to break out the goods. I wore the sweater in my everyday natural habitat and found out how much people really love their ranch.

Every year the ugly holiday sweater game gets better. The trend in 2015 was all about Drake. Then, 2016 was all about pop culture, with everything from Star Wars to angry cats decorating the synthetic material. This year, the trend is apparently all about food.

Hidden Valley is making sure people are set for holiday dressing with an entire merch line. It's filled with everything from ranch kegs — yes, you read that right — to slippers. The star of the show was without a doubt the holiday sweater. It's an all red crew neck with a cross-stitch graphic on the front featuring, you guessed it, a bottle of ranch.

"The Hidden Valley Ranch sweater was really inspired by our fans. We see them on social media creating their own Hidden Valley themed fashion – from accessories to costumes and more," Jacqueline Klein tells Bustle. "So with the upcoming season, we wanted to provide a festive sweater to help ranch lovers get in the holiday spirit.”

Courtesy Kali Borovic

I tested out this holiday sweater in the most obvious environment — holiday shopping at the mall and the grocery store. What I found was that almost everyone has a personal connection to the food condiment, which makes this holiday dressing done right — pun definitely intended.

Unlike the quirky pop-culture referenced sweaters out there, people instantly knew what the blue and green bottle was. They also were very vocal about it. So if you're looking to make friends, this is the sweater for you. Just one pro tip: If you're going to wear this, make sure you actually have ranch and some carrots to offer, or people get very confused.

The sweater is $40 on Hidden Valley's merch shop. It's available right now for pre-order and will start shipping on Nov. 20, so you can get it just in time to wear to all of your holiday festivities. Or, you know, gift it to your ranch-loving friend, if you're into that.

Courtesy Kali Borovic

Hidden Valley isn't the only ones amping up their holiday collection either. This is officially the year of the food merch, and it's continuing right through the holiday season.

Here are some other items to shop, if you're not into ranch. So you can bring your own side-dish to all the holiday parties and look great at the same time.

1. Miller Light

Miller Light Holiday Sweater, $66, Miller Light

This isn't exactly what they meant by BYOB, but you get the idea. They even have matching beer koozies, so that you can really get into the holiday spirit.

2. Tacos

Ugly Taco Sweater Shirt, $6, Six Dollar Shirts

Peace, love, and tacos? Sounds right to me. The guacamole will cost you extra, but you're probably used to that by now.

3. Junk Food

Junk Food Merry Christmas Ugly Sweater, $26, Walmart

If you can't choose your favorite food for the holidays, this shirt has you covered. It's got all the "junk food" that you could possibly need to celebrate the end of the year.

4. Food Scientist

Food Scientist Ugly Christmas Sweater, $34, Tee Spring

Is your favorite food too weird to put on a sweatshirt? Well, this one has you covered. Let everyone know about your food concoctions by wearing it on your sleeve.

5. Pizza

Pizza Ugly Christmas Sweater, $16, Etsy

Who needs a Christmas tree when you have a pizza tree? Rhetorical question.

Whatever food you're into this holiday season, there's a sweater for you.