Hostess Launched A Range Of Coffees — And One Tastes Just Like TWINKIES

If your daily cup of joe has felt like it’s… uh… lacking of late, here’s something that might add a little pep to your mug: Hostess snack cake coffee is a thing now. It comes in four varieties — and yes, one of them is Twinkies. You can get Twinkie-flavored coffee, y’all. Or, if Twinkies aren’t your thing, you can spring for Honey Bun-, Ding Dong-, or Sno Ball-flavored coffee instead. Have some alongside a bowl of Hostess cereal for a breakfast worthy of all your favorite childhood memories. Pair them with those Hostess Dessert Kits currently making the rounds for the ultimate nostalgic sweet treat experience. Or, hey, just enjoy a cup all on its own and wrap yourself in the glory of a coffee that tastes — or at least smells — like your favorite snack cake. I have two words right now: “Yes” and “please.”

Food Instagrammer Junk Food Mom gets the credit for bringing these… uh… creative coffee flavors to my attention; she found them and posted an image on April 27, mentioning that they came from a store called Blain’s Farm & Fleet. According to the company’s About page, Blain’s is a “specialty discount [retailer]” dating back to 1955 “with 40 locations throughout Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin” — but even if you don’t live in any of those four states, you can still shop there, thanks to Blain’s online store. They have departments ranging from clothing to pet supplies and from farm equipment to groceries, so it’s safe to say that there’s a little bit of everything available there.

All four of the Hostess coffees can be found in the grocery section; what’s more, per the “availability” boxes on the page, you can get ‘em both in brick-and-mortar stores and online (hoorah!). According to the boxes, they’re all brand new — and I have good news if you’re a “one cup at a time” kind of person, as opposed to a “let’s brew a whole pot and drink it all day” one: They’re actually K-Cup-style coffee pods. Each box has 12 pods in it that are “for use in all single serve brewing systems, including Keurig 2.0”; a box will set you back about $5.

As for what they actually taste like? That, I do not know… yet. Neither does Junk Food Mom, who noted in her Instagram post that she would have a review up as soon as her order came in; heck, there aren’t even any customer reviews up yet on the Blain’s Farm & Fleet website — that’s how new the item is. The descriptions of the coffees on their boxes, however, might give us some clues: The Twinkie one is said to mimic “the sweet flavors of Twinkies sponge cake combined with notes of creamy vanilla filling”; the Honey Bun coffee combines “delightful sweet honey flavors” and “a fabulous finish of glazed icing notes”; the Ding Dongs description is the same as the Twinkies one, with “extra rich chocolate Ding Dongs cake flavors” swapped in for “the sweet flavors of Twinkies sponge cake”; and the Sno Ball one notes that it mixes “rich chocolate cake flavors” with “vanilla filling and sweet coconut flavors.”

My guess is that the Twinkies coffee will taste mostly like a vanilla-flavored brew, the Honey Bun one like a honey latte minus the milk, the Ding Dongs one like a creamy sort of mocha, and the Snow Ball one like a coconut chocolate coffee — but those are just theories for now. We’ll have to keep our ears to the ground for actual reviews. (Alas, I do not have a Keurig, so I can’t test them out myself. Whomp, whomp.)

The Hostess coffee pods, of course, are far from the only branded, baked good-flavored coffee pods on the market. Krispy Kreme has an Original Glazed Donut variety available; Dunkin’ makes a Caramel Coffee Cake-flavored K-Cup; and Entenmann’s has a whole line of pods, including one intriguingly called “Party Cake.” The Hostess coffee pods, though, hit our nostalgia buttons in a big, big way — so honestly, regardless as to how they actually taste, they’re sure to be fun to drink, anyway.

Grab ‘em at Blain’s website. Bottoms up!