Hostess Just Launched DESSERT KITS For Its Most Iconic Cakes

Considering we live in a world where Duncan Hines has created over 25 varieties of individual, microwavable mug cakes, it is understandable that we are all a little drunk on dessert power right now. Turns out we're all about to be wielding a significant amount more of it, thanks to a recently spotted new product in grocery stores: Hostess's new Twinkies and Ding Dong dessert kits. Basically, all the ingredients from what made your childhood delicious and good got shoved into a box and invited you to go ahead and take the wheel.

While the products have not been officially listed or announced on Hostess's website, images of them were recently shared on food news site The Impulsive Buy, after they were spotted by a contributing shopper named Robbie at Texas-based grocery chain H-E-B. Whoever you are, Robbie, thank you for alerting the human race to what is about to change my Friday nights in a big delicious way.

Per the descriptions on the boxes, each of them comes with deconstructed versions of the iconic treats. The Twinkies box, for instance, includes Twinkies instant pudding and a cream filling mix. The Ding Dong dessert kit similarly includes a Ding Dongs instant pudding mix, a cream filling mix, and — be still all of my sweet teeth —  a chocolate drizzle. The end result are these parfait-esque individual servings on the front of the box, which I am presuming some instructions on the back of the box will help you achieve.

Eagle-eyed dessert lovers may have heard of this product first from a post on popular food Instagram @junkfoodmom, which released grainy images of the new products a week ago. That post indicated that not only would there be a Twinkies and Ding Dongs version, but also an Orange Cupcake one. And while I respect that these are all strong, independent desserts with their own unique ~vibe~, the junk food anarchist in me is extremely keen on combining the Ding Dongs and Orange Cupcakes dessert kits just to see if it is truly possible to achieve true perfection on this mortal plane.

Bustle reached out to Hostess for comment on availability of the spotted dessert kits, but at the time of publishing, no official word of the kits' availability has been announced. Keep your eyes peeled, though — I think we've all just kind of unconsciously decided that summer/Fourth of July is pretty definitively "parfait season," so I personally would not be surprised to see the dessert kits gracing shelves in the extremely near future.

In the meantime, if you need something to tide you over, you still have your faithful Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and various other iconic Hostess desserts at your disposal — not to mention the ice cream versions of them, which look every bit as delicious as the dessert kits, and probably take way less effort to prep. Here's to a summer of eating your Twinkies with a side of Twinkies ice cream and polishing it off with a Twinkie parfait, because it's 2019 and there is no limit to what your dessert dreams can achieve.