Hostess Just Dropped Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow-Flavored Mini Donuts

by Brittany Bennett

Lucky for everyone, our favorite warm winter beverage has taken on yet another form. If you look around the grocery shelves, it's clear that we are now living in a beautiful age where one can indulge in hot cocoa outside the limitations of a mug. The latest metamorphosis of the drink? Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts. They are here and they are all about satisfying your seasonal snacking pleasure.

There are people who are marshmallow enthusiasts and those who would prefer that the pillowy accessories to hot cocoa remain in their packaging. But the hot cocoa treats like Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow mini donuts bridge these two perspectives. The crucial elements of cocoa and marshmallow are joined together in a powdery sprinkling that'll have everybody, no matter what their stance on marshmallows is, asking for more.

The limited edition "donettes" come wrapped pretty in a 10.5-ounce bag. Enjoy them straight out of the bag, or, if you're wild and a major hot cocoa fan, enjoy them dipped into a deep mug full of a fresh batch of the liquid gold — I mean, chocolate. There are ways upon ways to enjoy hot cocoa this winter. Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow donuts — or donettes, if you're fancy — add to the bliss. Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts can be found on the Walmart website, but it is noted that they are not available for shipping. Give your local Walmart a call to see if they're in stock!

Imagine this: you're in a stone cottage in the country. It's snowing and the fireplace is appropriately roaring. You're meditating to the crackles of the flame. There's a glow in the room and a chilling breeze that squeezes through the crack in the windowsill. So you're tucked into a knitted sweater, cocooned in a flannel blanket and snuggled into wool socks. It's the kind of winter feeling that makes you forget all about summer. Now add a batch of Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow donuts to the scene. Forget it. Forget summer. It can wait it's humid turn. Winter just got so much better thanks to this doughy delight, filled with cocoa.

Who wouldn't be enamored with this hot cocoa development? These donettes join a glorified troupe of other hot cocoa inspired delights. If you aren't familiar with all these milky, chocolate-y concoctions here to occupy grocery store shelves, allow me to illuminate you! You might want to re-write your grocery list before heading out. All of these iterations of hot cocoa will serve you well through any and all impending snow storms.

Hostess' Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow Mini Donuts are joining popcorn, candy and breakfast rolls in this popular flavor reimagining. Earlier this season it was announced that Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn was introducing a Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Flavored Kettle Corn to shelves and our lives. If that weren't enough, Hot Cocoa M&Ms are slated to become your new favorite winter candy. And — side note — if you know how to party, you'll be mixing these M&Ms into the kettle corn for a mindblowing milky sweet experience.

Adding to the hot cocoa craze is Pillsbury's Hot Cocoa Rolls. They're completed with a marshmallow glaze, of course. Steaming from the glowing light of the oven, these cocoa filled rolls, glistening in a marshmallow glaze are the perfect way to start a winter morning.

Really, you could be indulging in hot cocoa around the clock this winter with all the options available for consumption. From a sunrise Hot Cocoa Rolls bake to a sunset Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow mini donut snack, there is no need to have a moment without chocolate.