Hot Topic Is Selling Disney Princess Trash Cans That Will Speak To Your Trash Heart

Hot Topic

At this point in your adult life, you've probably told enough people that you're "Disney trash" that truly, you manifested this destiny: Hot Topic is selling Disney trash cans you can use in your actual home, bringing this whole self-descriptor full circle. They are teensy, they are adorable, and they are the perfect size for a bathroom, under a desk, or by your beside, where you'll presumably be chucking the wrappers from all the Disney-themed treats you'll be eating over the holiday season.

The first is one so spiffy-looking that it will match any kind of decor, whether you've strayed far from the path of acceptable home furnishings by doing your whole apartment up in Harry Potter and Disney Princess memorabilia (guilty, y'all), or you prefer a more minimalist, less aggressively nerdy style. It features a silhouette of everyone's favorite library dweller, Princess Belle, along with the iconic line, "Tale as old as time." It measures ten inches tall, and it's ~shiny~, adding a bit of glitz and glimmer to your trash (which just so happens to be my personal brand). It appears to be the only Disney Princess trash can currently for sale on Hot Topic's website, but hey, maybe enough of us trash fans will get together and buy it that they'll be inspired to add some new ones.

The other Disney trash can option is a bit more playful, and a departure from the more typical Disney Princess fare — but it may take you a second to tell exactly which one of the beloved characters it's repping. Featuring a vibrant, floral design, the next trash can is one you really have to squint at to appreciate the hilarious detail in the pattern — one wily blue alien, popping his head out of the bouquets.

So whether you stan Belle or Stitch — two veritable peas in a pod!! — you have something to jazz up your home decor situation, courtesy of Hot Topic. And if Belle is your "I took a BuzzFeed quiz and rigged it to get these results" princess of choice, your options go way beyond the waste basket — Hot Topic also carries a Belle-themed soap dispenser and toothbrush holder to match. The fact that this is all coming to my attention after I purchased all of the items for my apartment bathroom is a modern millennial tragedy, but someone with the budget and the determination can still live the dream of peeing in a room that pays tribute to Disney's favorite nerdy princess.

While you're poking around the site, here's your (unhelpful??) reminder that Hot Topic has a slew of licensed Disney products under their umbrella, from home goods to outfits to this giant Toy Story Alien adult romper that I wish I were currently swathed in while holding a glass of red wine. Until that blessed moment arrives, I will content myself to behold these very on brand trash cans, and hope that it is only a matter of time before Hot Topic expands them out to a whole Disney Princess line so I can collect them all like the ~trash~ I am.