'A Million Little Things' Fan Theories Are Getting Really Dark — Especially This One

Jack Rowand/ABC

ABC's A Million Little Things might technically be classified as a drama, but it also manages to incorporate just as many mysteries into its storylines as it does tear-jerking moments. However, one of the biggest question marks throughout the entire first season centers around the illusive Barbara Morgan, whose identity has yet to be revealed. Figuring out how Jon and Barbara Morgan are connected on A Million Little Things is something fans are eager to get to the bottom of and it's only a matter of time before all is revealed. Until that time, though, viewers are left to their own devices to speculate why this person was so important to Jon — enough to make her the fourth beneficiary on his Rutledge life insurance policy.

Prior to last week's episode, many fans were convinced that Constance Zimmer's character was the elusive Barbara Morgan in question. Of course, that turned out to be a red herring, which means we're back at square one in regards to trying to figure out how this person fits into everything.

One possibility is that she's a former lover (or even wife) of Jon's, as Reddit user taxchick63 has speculated, believing that his relationship with Barbara may have even resulted in a secret child, separate from Jon's other two kids. And the fact that former Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs will be joining the cast later on this season has only added more fuel to the fire. Could he end up being Jon's son? It's definitely a possibility and would certainly explain why he'd want to leave her with some money.

However, that's not the only potential outcome in this scenario. Reddit user u/sb2677 recently theorized that the circumstances may be a lot more grim than an affair or secret love child. "I think John [sic] killed someone when he was younger, most likely college days," u/sb2677 wrote. "Or his negligence resulted in someone’s death. I think BM is likely the mother/wife, etc. of the person whose death he was responsible for. And that death is what he was alluding to in his suicide note. He felt too guilty and could never get over it."

On top of that, Reddit user KetchupMayoOnions piled onto this prediction, surmising that it could also be connected to why Jon was so adamant about saving that building he used to live in. "I originally thought the person he killed was hidden somewhere in the building he bought that he used to live in," the user wrote. "I thought that’s why he had to buy it so it wouldn’t be demolished and the body be discovered."

OK, that is really dark, but that might be why Jon's biggest regret was the night he went out to buy that bottle of wine in his apartment. Remember he told Ashley that he would go back and do that over?

If any of this turns out to be true, it would certainly make for a sinister plot twist and one that not many would've see coming. Then again, it's also worth considering that Barbara is simply a childhood friend of Jon's and nothing more. Either way, we're bound to find out the answer soon and peel back one more layer of Jon's mysterious past.