7 Big Ways Camille Has Changed From Her First ‘RHOBH’ Season To Now


When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills debuted in 2010, Camille Grammer joined the Housewives franchise in a full-time capacity. Eight years have passed since then and Camille has changed a lot since her first RHOBH episode. If you go back and rewatch the first episode, you'll quickly notice that the Camille who lived in Malibu, who was married to Kelsey Grammer, who held dinner parties from hell, and who loved using big words like "pernicious", is vastly different from the woman Bravo fans know and love today.

When she first started her journey as a Housewife, Camille wasn't at a great point in her life. Her husband, Kelsey, was cheating on her with Kayte Walsh (which he admitted to Anderson Cooper in September 2012), and they are now married with three children of their own. After 13 years of marriage with Kelsey, Camille filed for divorce in July 2010. As awful as all of that was, especially dealing with it publicly and having the last bit of her marriage fall apart on reality TV, Camille is in a much better place.

For those who've watched RHOBH since Season 1 up until now, they know how much happier and how much more carefree Camille is compared to when she delivered her first tagline ever: "It's time for me to come out of my husband's shadow and shine." Well, she's certainly done that — and changed for the better in the process.

She's Getting Married Again

Camille has found love and is getting the happy ending she deserves. In October 2017, Camille got engaged to lawyer David C. Meyer. In Season 8, David made a brief appearance at Kyle Richards' dinner party, but it didn't go as smoothly as Camille had hoped, thanks to Dorit Kemsley. However, based on the photos Camille continues to share of him, they are as happy as ever. As Camille dished on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in February, she might have a destination wedding in Hawaii and all of her co-stars will be invited.

She Lives In A Different House

Remember that glorious Malibu mansion of Camille's in Season 1? It was massive. She even described it in Season 1, Episode 1 as follows: "I feel like I live in my own private retreat. Seventeen acres total. It's basically a small park." That pretty much sums it up. Well, according to The Los Angeles Times, it sold in December 2015 for $12.94 million. Guess what? Camille still lives in Malibu. She bought a new home (her first since splitting from Kelsey) in 2016 and told Entertainment Tonight that moving is a "new beginning" and a "new chapter" of her life.

She Is Friends With Kyle Richards

One of the most famous fights on RHOBH occurred between Kyle and Camille in Season 1. How can anyone forget when Kyle declared: "You're such a f*cking liar, Camille!" They've since put all that drama behind them and are actually genuine friends. They even reenacted their famous fight in January 2016 while appearing on WWHL. That's how far they've come.

She's A "Friend" Of The Housewives

Camille was a Housewife for two seasons before downgrading to recurring status. Now, she's a Friend of the Housewives, but she really needs to become a full-fledged Housewife once again. In February, she told Andy Cohen on WWHL that she does think about coming back in a full-time capacity, but who knows if or when that will happen.

She's Battled Cancer — Twice

In 2013, Camille was diagnosed with stage two endometrial cancer. As a result, she had a hysterectomy and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Sadly, in December 2017 and four years after being declared cancer free, Camille was diagnosed again, but this time with skin cancer. The good news is the cancer has been removed and she seems to be doing well. As she shared on Instagram in December 2017, "This is my second cancer diagnoses. Thank God We found it early. (squamous cell carcinoma) *Early detection is key. My cancer was removed and I'm resting at home."

She's More At Ease

Compared to her RHOBH debut, Camille appears so much more at ease and comfortable with being on a reality show. Whenever she interacts with the women or films a confessional, it doesn't seem forced or fake. She's also more likable, which has made her a fan-favorite, unlike in Season 1.

She's Not As Vocal

Season 1 Camille was extremely vocal, like that time she called Kyle's dear friend, Faye Resnick, "morally corrupt". But, as in seen in Season 8, Camille's slowly starting to come out of her shell and voice exactly how she feels all over again. Seeing as she had such a horrible first season, it's understandable why Camille's been so quiet. Eventually, she'll probably open up even more. As Cohen posed to her on WWHL in February: "Do you feel like you have the tools now where you could come back speak your mind and not feel like scared about getting ambushed on social media or whatever?" Camille said, "I'm getting a lot better."

There's no denying Camille has made a major transformation. If she sticks around the Bravo world, it'll be interesting to see if she changes anymore than she already has since her first RHOBH episode.