How Can I Bond With My Partner? 7 Fall Activities That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Felix Russell-Saw/Unsplash

Even though it's late October (and still doesn't actually feel like fall), we shouldn't let this season pass us by without enjoying all it has to offer. Whether you're an avid apple picker or only carve pumpkins for the 'gram, there are plenty of ways to get your fall on. And why not do those fall activities with your significant other? Partaking in some seasonal bonding could strengthen your relationship, and there are some specific pumpkin-themed pastimes that'll do the trick (or treat.)

"Summer is a very social time and you are likely around friends a lot. When the fall season hits people tend to get more serious as they are back into work mode and start planning for the holidays," Kimberly Hershenson, a licensed therapist, tells Bustle. "Fall gives you more alone time with your partner and there are less distractions such as vacations and BBQs."

While the weather is still warm enough to actually be outside without three layers of clothing on, we might as well take advantage of it — and the opportunity to make our relationships even more stable. Here are seven fall activities that will strengthen your relationships and help you bond:

1. Spend A Night At Home


When the temperature drops, all we want to do is snuggle up inside — but there's no reason that can't make your relationship stronger. "Set out a nice tablecloth and candles," Hershensen says. "Serve your meal on nice dishes and turn off all electronics. Take a bath or shower together and give each other massages."

2. Go Hiking


We've had an unusually warm October this year, but it's still great weather for taking a day trip to go hiking. "There are beautiful colors, lower temps, and fewer of those pesky bugs," Justin Lavelle, dating expert and Chief Communications Officer of online background check platform BeenVerified, tells Bustle. "So pack a backpack with food, drink, and a blanket and head out. A nice long hike ending in time to watch a beautiful sunset… and keep a look out along the way for a nice secluded spot to rest or whatever."

3. Pick Some Produce


It's not fall unless you go out and pick your own produce right off the vine. Pumpkin or apple picking is not only a great time, but it gives you and your partner the opportunity to have a conversation without dealing with a ton of distractions.

"Pumpkin farms and apple orchards are great places to spend a fun fall date," Lavelle says. "Most have other activities in addition to the apple or pumpkin picking, including wine tastings, hay rides, music, and other entertainment."

4. Go On A Picnic


"As the weather cools down, heat up your nights with a lot of adventure and outdoor activity," Lavelle says. "Picnics in the park are not just reserved for summer. A thermos of hot chocolate, some warm soup, and a nice walk as the summer colors turn to those beautiful fall hues can be romantic and inexpensive."

Just thinking about sipping hot cocoa as I walk through multicolored leaves already makes me feel all warm and cozy inside – imagine what it could do for your relationship.

5. Build A Campfire


"A cool fall afternoon or evening snuggled next to a warm campfire drinking cider and roasting marshmallows is a wonderful way to spend an evening with your sweetie," Lavelle says. This is the perfect alternative to camping when the temperatures drop too low at night.

6. Go To The Beach (Yes, In The Fall)


Not everyone's close to a beach, but if you could make it work, now's actually a wonderful time to visit. "A cool evening on the beach with a campfire and a bottle of wine might just be one of the most romantic inexpensive evenings out there," Lavelle says. "So if you have access to this, by all means, use it!"

7. Do Something Scary


"Haunted houses, haunted hayrides, and corn mazes in the dark really set the mood to want to cuddle up next to your partner," Jessica Herndon, relationship coach and partner blogger for, tells Bustle. Getting a little spooked is the quintessential way to get closer to someone in the chillier months.

Whatever you choose to do, any fall-themed fun could be turned into a great bonding experience to bring you and your loved one closer together.