Even Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Fight, But They Work Through It In A Positive Way

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're in need of some relationship advice, especially when it comes to dealing with fights, listen up. Chrissy Teigen opened up about fighting with John Legend, all while delivering great tips for other couples who find themselves in arguments from time to time. In an interview for Good Housekeeping's February issue, per usual, Teigen got real and explained exactly how she and her EGOT-winning husband work through more of the heated issues they face in their marriage.

The Cravings: Hungry For More author made a lot of sense in her answer, so definitely pay attention. Basically, it's all about not having the same fight twice. First, as Teigen pointed out, she and Legend are very different when it comes to arguing. She said,

"It helps that John and I fight very differently. I get very passionate and loud, and he’s very much a diffuser. But in the end, we’re both apologizers; we don’t like to dwell on the same thing."

Many other couples, especially those who have children, can probably relate to Teigen and Legend's fights. Like the social media queen revealed, "A lot of our fights revolve around — we don’t have them often — scheduling, communication, or 'You told me this, but I was holding Luna, and I was baking cookies at the same time, how was I supposed to listen to this and have a conversation?!'"

As easy as it might be for the two to get sucked into a confrontation and rehash the same argument, Teigen's learned quite the trick to work through fights quickly and positively. For them, not dwelling on something they've already argued about is a great start to moving past whatever issue they're facing. Like Teigen brilliantly explained,

"I've learned to listen to what the other person is upset about and try to make sure that I'm doing everything to not let that same, dumb fight happen again."

A lot of the times, and not just with couples, it's easy for people to become defensive rather than truly listening to what another person is saying. Can you imagine how much time you could save on becoming angry if you just took a moment to listen, analyze all sides, and then apply what you've learned to solve the situation?

Of course, Teigen and Legend are only human, so they still fight from time to time. Her solution to trying to work through a fight doesn't mean they're going to stop arguing altogether. Conflict is just a part of life.

Teigen has even broadcasted their fights on Twitter. In October 2018, she responded to an interview Legend did with The Daily Beast, where he opened up about cooking and how it brought the two together. During the chat, Legend also touched upon a matter that caused Teigen to tweet — in mostly all capital letters.

Legend told the publication that they actually once fought over the definition of simmer. For him, he thought it meant, as The Daily Beast put it, "the low setting on the stove... She didn't agree." In response to the conversation, Teigen tweeted,


She added,

"he thinks simmer is putting it on low heat. like this is blatantly false. simmering is an action, one you see with your eyes. this is undebatable."

Defining simmer is probably one of the more not-so-serious fights the married duo have had, but there's no doubt it left Teigen simmering.

Yes, Teigen and Legend may have their arguments, which is totally normal, but the way they work through them clearly benefits their relationship. No wonder Teigen and Legend are still as happy and as in love with each other 12 years later.