How Did Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Meet? The MTV Movie & TV Award Nominees Go Way Back

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since the moment Broad City premiered on Comedy Central, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's friendship has been the subject of envy, awe, and idolization. Forget goals, these two women, who are sharing a nomination for Best Comedic Performance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, are creative soul sisters, but how did Broad City's Jacobson and Glazer meet? It seems fate brought these modern day comedy legends together.

In a 2013 interview with Splitsider, back when the duo's hit web series was on the brink of becoming a hit TV series, Jacobson and Glazer shared their friendship meet cute story. And it's a good one.

The comedians were both at the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy school in 2007, but they didn't share any of the same classes. If you are now imagining a world where the BFFs never met, stop it right this instant — it's too bleak to contemplate. Thankfully, as Glazer explained to Splitsider, they ended up on the same practice improv team. In the interview, Glazer reveals,

"We auditioned for the house improv and sketch teams and were not getting on them. But you know, if you want to get better, you need to get yourself in a group and practice frequently and do shows as often as you can, and we weren’t doing that in classes. So we joined this team, and it was called Secret Promise Circle."

That was the beginning of their beautiful friendship.


From there, the duo launched their web series based on their friendship and observations about New York City life. Now, a decade later, they are not only the creators and stars of a show that is a certified pop culture phenomenon, they are the only actors sharing a performance nomination at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Their dual nomination makes so much sense. Splitting up Jacobson and Glazer just feels wrong, at least where Broad City is concerned.

These two gifted creators have put so many of their own experiences and feelings into the characters of Abbi and Ilana, that the show simply wouldn't exist without the duo. Their friendship is what made Broad City Season 3 the funniest and most layered season yet.

Go ahead and thank whatever deity you want for bringing these two comedic geniuses together through the Upright Citizens Brigade, because without their beautiful, unique friendship the world would be missing out on the magic of watching these amazing ladies perform together in Broad City each week.


Tune in to the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on May 7 to see if Jacobson and Glazer take home the award for Best Comedic Performance.