This 'PLL' Sneak Peek Reveals How Charlotte & Archer Met

Pretty Little Liars is less than a week away from its series finale, but seven seasons in, plenty of mysteries are still abound. One of the smaller, but still curious, secrets is how Charlotte and Archer meet on Pretty Little Liars. But thanks to a sneak peek video, fans finally have the answer: a disturbingly romantic transatlantic flight brings the pair together.

In the clip, Charlotte and Archer are seen exiting a plane while Archer gushes on about how she is "the most charming woman [he's] ever been charmed by," which Charlotte rightfully calls out as a line. "I'm sure you say that to all the girls," she says. But Archer is insistent, promising he'll call her. "But I'm not going to wait three days," he explains. "I'll ring you tomorrow."

Now, normally that would be swoon-worthy — albeit a little cliché — but knowing how disturbing their relationship ends up makes it goosebump-inducing for all of the wrong reasons. For those that need a refresher (hey, a lot happens on that show), they eventually launch a collaborative scheme to swindle Alison out of her fortune. And let's not forget how Charlotte steals the A game, tortures and gaslights the Liars relentlessly, then traps them in a life-size dollhouse.

After Charlotte is killed, Archer targets Alison in order to avenge her death. Among the twisted items on his list of retaliations are dressing up as a dead cop to trick Alison into thinking she's hallucinating, literally chaining her to a hospital bed, and paying off a doctor to impregnate her with one of the eggs Emily donated.

So while the meet-cute couple may seem totally harmless in this clip, there's actually a lot of darkness brewing beneath their newfound romance. How that all comes about remains unclear — though they both quite obviously have some deeper issues — but everything should finally make sense when the PLL finale airs on Tuesday, June 27.