Danny Dyer & Joanne Mas' Adorable Wedding Quotes Prove True Love Is REAL, People

Long before there was Jack and Dani there was Joanne and Danny. Choosing a partner that leaves you with the same first initial as your parents makes you wonder if there is some pretty lush monogrammed stuff they can share. Maybe the family silver? Maybe some snazzy gates? Maybe just a pair of robes? But I guess the sizing might be off in that case. However, one thing they can definitely share is an excellent and successful relationship. We all know how Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer met, but how did Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas meet?

The pair have been together since 1992. Which in showbiz is in and around 500 years. They met at the very tender age of 14 way back when they were in school. Mas was the one bringing in the cash to support the family when they were younger, working as a financial advisor as Danny worked hard on getting a successful career in showbiz.

They got married back in 2016, after Mas decided to make an honest man of Danny, asking him to marry her the year before. Their wedding was in Hampshire and had a theme that was a fusion of Spanish and East End swag. Basically dream theme.

During the nuptials Danny was soppy AF and said some pretty damn cute stuff. Hold up, grab a tissue before you read what he said. According to Hello! magazine he told his new wife, "To be standing here with the girl I grew up with — looking so beautiful in her wedding dress — that is a lovely thing. Jo is my best girl — the love of my life. Without her, I would be nothing."

Mas made the most of the day she had been picturing as long as she could remember. "I have dreamed about this day my whole life and I just wanted it to be perfect," she said.

The pair have three children together, Dani, Sunnie, and Arty, and are utterly devoted to their kids.

Despite his tough guy image, according to Mas, Danny is a massive softie and she is the boss at home. During an interview with The Sun, Mas was clear that all is not what it seems. "I wear the trousers in the relationship. I’m a 'nice' bully and the boss of the house. Danny is so chilled. I read articles about him and I think 'that’s not my Dan.'"

And not only is he chilled, but a bit of a soppy guy. Poor babe Danny shared on The Jonathan Ross Show that he really struggled when his daughter was on Love Island, missing his first born to bits "I said goodbye to her, they took her blower off her and I’m watching her on the telly like everyone else. It is hard work, mate. I was sobbing my heart out every night, I’m a sensitive soul."

Mas said when she appeared on This Morning that Danny really is a big old softie, and it seems that he is kind of prone to tearing up a bit. "Danny really likes Jack. I think Danny when he does meet Jack he'll probably cry."

Well in terms of true romance, you don't get much more than that really do you?