This Unexpected 'Bachelor' Alum Reportedly Introduced Demi To Her Girlfriend

by Rebecca Patton
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Demi obviously has a strong connection with Derek on Bachelor In Paradise, but she's made clear that she has some reservations about their relationship. She was casually dating a woman named Kristian before going on the show, and since hitting the beach, she hasn't been able to stop thinking about her — even though she's been developing strong feelings for Derek, too. Time will tell who she'll end up with, but in the meantime, some backstory might help. So, uh, how did Demi and Kristian meet in the first place?

So far, we don't know much about their relationship aside from what Demi has shared on the show. They do have one photo together on Instagram, but have otherwise been pretty private. That being said, Bachelor blogger Reality Steve has claimed the two met through former Bachelor contestant Catherine Agro, who was a contestant on Colton's season with Demi. This lines up with their Instagrams, as Demi and Catherine have posted multiple photos together and seem to be good friends. Kristian has also posted photos with Catherine, and appears to be close with Catherine's twin sister Alexandra, too.

"Happiest of birthdays to these two beautiful people. I am so grateful to have you both in my life, and for all these years. We are going to grow old together. Have an amazing day, I love you guys with all my heart," she captioned a photo of the three of them from 2016 (so clearly, they go way back).

Furthermore, Demi posted a photo of herself with both Kristian and Catherine tagged in it, so there's definitely some sort of connection there. In fact, Kristian and Catherine may have even grown up together: both of their Facebook bios list their hometown as Palm City, Florida. According to Kristian's Facebook, she now lives in Los Angeles, and as we know from Colton's season, Demi is from Texas. But the self-proclaimed "Queer Queen" has been spending plenty of time out west recently, so it doesn't seem like distance is an issue... at least, it wasn't until Demi got to Paradise and realized how much she cared about Kristian.

Though Monday night's episode made it seem like Demi is going to leave the show in order to be with Kristian, the teaser for Tuesday night shows Kristian arriving on the beach and greeting an ecstatic Demi. Sure, that could mean the two will leave Paradise together after this surprise visit, or it could mean they'll be staying in Paradise to see out the season.

According to Reality Steve, Demi and Kristian began dating in February, and he claims it was the producers' plan all along to bring them both to BiP. Again, Demi has not confirmed this, but we know she and Kristian started dating before BiP began filming, which likely took place from early to mid June. Since their one and only photo together was posted on April 13, 2019, they'd been together at least a couple of months before Demi headed to Mexico.

Whoever Demi chooses in the end, things are definitely about to get a lot more dramatic.