7 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Organized

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If your life feels like a swirling vortex of chaos, then you might be interested in a few simple things you can do right now, to instantly be more organized. Little hacks, such as cleaning out your purse or de-junking a flat surface in your apartment, really can make a big impact. And, apart from making you feel organized, the benefits can radiate out from there.

"Organization is important for numerous reasons," Robyn Reynolds, owner and CEO of Organize2Harmonize, tells Bustle. "Not only does it save money, reduce stress, [and save] time, but you will be more productive. When you are able to find what you need easier and are not rushing around and able to do more, then everyone benefits."

Plus, organizing one area of your life can create a ripple effect into other areas. "Simple organization hacks can quickly help you take control of your space," Carrie Higgins, author of the book Organization Hacks, and founder of the blog Making Lemonade, tells Bustle. "Once you make smalls tweaks to get organized, the feeling of having space to breathe will make you want to continue in other areas of your home and life." Here are a few tips from the experts on simple changes you can make, and little things you can do right now, to make your life more organized.


Plan Ahead For Tomorrow

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If you're someone who's constantly scrambling around at the last second — to make breakfast, plan an outfit, locate your keys, etc. — then you'll definitely benefit from planning ahead, and setting these things out the night before.

"Things like picking out clothes the night before ... saves time in the morning," Reynolds says. "So does prepping and planning [your lunch] for the next day ... When you save time and are not running around rushing to get out of the house, you will feel more in control and thus feel more organized."


Store Things In The Same Place

Going off of that, you'd be amazed how much more organized you'll feel by simply being consistent when it comes to storing your things. "Make sure everything has a home," Reynolds says. "For instance, if you are constantly looking for your keys or wallet or purse, designate a place where it will live. Put that item in the same place all the time. That way you won't have to look for it."

If you toss these things aside without thinking, it'll be anyone's guess where they might end up. (Under the couch? In your coat? Behind the fridge?) But if you have a place that's designed just for your keys — ta da! — one less thing to think about.


Go Make Your Bed

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If your bed is currently a pile of twisted sheets and blankets, you should stop everything, and go get that situation under control. And, from here on out, create the habit of making your bed first thing in the morning.

"Making your bed has a positive psychological impact that makes you feel more prepared to tackle whatever the day ahead brings," author and lifestyle expert Jaya Jaya Myra tells Bustle. Plus, it just looks better — especially if you have a tiny apartment, and your bed is a focal point.


Clean Out Your Inbox

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Nothing can make a person feel more disorganized than a chaotic, overflowing inbox. So even though it may need to be tackled over the course of a couple days, it's definitely worth it to spend some time emptying the spam folder, unsubscribing from junk mail, and going through as many emails as you can — until you reach the end.

"Delete what you can, and file what you can't," Myra says. "But clean out your inbox, regardless of how you do it. This will help you feel more on top of everything going on when you don't have a hundred (or thousand) things piling up."


Clear Off A Surface

If you're feeling disorganized and don't know where to start, pick a surface (any surface!) and clean it off. "Clear all of your surfaces in your sightline," Laura Benko, lifestyle expert and author of The Holistic Home, tells Bustle. "Your kitchen countertops, your coffee table, your dining table, your desk are all areas that will offer you a sense of instant organization. If these surfaces are clean, it will subconsciously help facilitate clearer thinking as well.”


Clean Out Your Bag

If you carry a purse, backpack, or briefcase, take a moment and clean that baby out. "You might be surprised at how much you’ve been holding in there," says Higgins. "Toss, corral, or re-home items you don’t use every day."

Throw out those crumples receipts, put lose coins in your wallet, and take out all that extra makeup you've been toting around. "You’ll feel less stress when you can reach in and find exactly what you need right away," Higgins says. And, your bag will be so much lighter.


Color Code Your Closet

The night when you have a burst of inspiration— and a spare hour — march into your bedroom and color code your closet. "There are many benefits to doing this," Reynolds says. "First it saves time when you are looking for [something]. Secondly, you will actually know what you own. This helps when shopping so you are not buying the same thing over and over because you think you don't already have one."

Simple tweaks like these will not only help you feel more organized in the moment, but will (hopefully) create a ripple effect into other areas of your life, leaving you feel more organized and "together," wherever you go. And really, who couldn't use more of that?