How Do Nico & Brianna Know Each Other? The ‘Below Deck’ Stars Crossed Paths Before Working Together

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

It seems that at least a few of the crew members in each Below Deck season are familiar with one another — and the same can be said for Season 5. Obviously, Captain Lee, Nico Scholly, and Kate Chastain know each other from Season 4, but what about everybody else on Valor this charter season? As revealed in Tuesday's premiere, Nico and Brianna Adekeye know each other after a drunken evening together.

Upon first coming onto the boat, Nico introduced himself to the new crew members, including Brianna. They both were surprised to see each other, because they became acquainted a "long time ago," per Nico. "We met in Barcelona," Brianna revealed in her private interview. She then elaborated, "We were docked at the same dock and some of his crew and my crew decided to go out one night. We ended up in a taxi together. He was very flirtatious, very drunk."

It's unclear if anything intimate occurred between the two, but according to Brianna, Nico was attracted to her at that particular moment in time. Nico has yet to explain on the show his take on the nature of their relationship, but based on Below Deck's official website, more there might be drama in store for them. "When [Nico] realizes he has a history with new stew Brianna, things get even more complicated," the series' description teases.

What might make things "even more complicated" for Brianna and Nico is, as revealed on the show's website, Chef Matt and deckhand Chris "also vying for Brianna's affection." Uh oh, there could very well be another "love triangle, square, rhombus" like in Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2.


If you take another look at the Season 5 trailer, it appears Nico and Brianna get a little flirty. Brianna even says to him regarding her outfit, "Can you let me know if I have any nip slips?" This, of course, could be totally innocent and friendly, but viewers will have to wait and see if anything else transpires between them.