How Do You Communicate Effectively With Your Partner? 7 Things To Keep Private To Your Relationship


It's normal to talk to your friends about your relationship. Everyone could use some advice from time to time. But according to experts, there are some things that should only stay between you and your partner. If you're someone who likes to vent, knowing which topics to avoid can help to keep your relationship strong.

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with sharing. Sometimes you just need to let things out and venting about your relationship can be good for you. But if you have a habit of doing it, Tammy Shaklee, leading LGBTQ matchmaker and president of H4M Matchmaking, tells Bustle, it can mean one really important thing.

"It may be a sign you’re not ultimately compatible," Shaklee says. "Life will throw a lot at you, so you better figure out your communication styles, behaviors, needs, and timing, so that you can handle topics large and small together. If you can’t help but poll your parent, sibling, or BFF, you might not be nurturing the real relationship that means the most — the relationship with your partner."

While it's OK to seek guidance from others on certain issues, there are some things you really need to work out with your partner. So here are some things that should only stay between you and your partner, according to experts.