Your Biggest Pet Peeve, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


While you might encounter annoying moments throughout the day, nothing will irk you quite like your biggest pet peeve. This is the thing that makes your skin crawl, launches you into arguments, or ruins your mood. And while it might seem like it developed out of nowhere, your pet peeve may be tied, in some way, to your zodiac sign. After all, each sign is associated with values and personality traits, which can all add up to make you more susceptible to certain stressors, or more annoyed by certain situations.

"Astrology is a very complex arrangement of planetary energy," Lisa Barretta, an astrologer and author of Conscious Ink, tells Bustle. "Each Sun sign may have certain tendencies but the Moon shows how we emotionalize them and Venus represents our values in life. Mars is how we take action, Jupiter our friendships, Saturn our boundaries, Uranus our uniqueness, Neptune our dreams, and Pluto out infinite power." Basically, your full birth chart may reveal why certain things tick you off, Barretta says, based on all these planets. But you can still look at your Sun sign to get an overall idea.

And the cool thing is, once you know why you have a pet peeve, you can take steps to counteract it so that it doesn't annoy you too much, or hold you back. Read on below for the biggest pet peeve for each sign, including things waiting in line and being interrupted.