Why You Should Read The 'You' Book Right After You Watch The Season 1 Finale


Warning: Major You book spoilers ahead! Those who have been following along with Joe and Beck's budding "love" story throughout the first season of the new Lifetime series You, knew it was only a matter of time until Joe's stalker ways would be brought to Beck's attention. So now that she knows the truth, and is currently trapped in the bookstore glass cage, viewers are sure to be curious as to how this will all play out. So how does the You book end exactly? Considering this is all based on Caroline Kepnes' novel of the same name, it makes sense to turn to the author's original pages for answers.

Throughout the entire season, the Lifetime show has done a great job of sticking very close to the source material, so it stands to reason that the series will end in the same way that the book does. If that's the case, then there are a couple of different things fans will need to prepare themselves for prior to jumping into Sunday night's big finale. Obviously, Joe won't be able to keep Beck locked away down in the creepy bookstore basement forever, so what's his overall plan and will it work out the way he wants it to? Let's just say that if you were hoping for a happy ending to this solution, you've come to the wrong place.


In the book, Joe decides that the only way he and Beck will be able to make it through all of this is to experience something that will really bond them together in a way they haven't before. He believes that reading The Da Vinci Code book should do the trick. Initially, the idea seems to work — Beck claims to have forgiven him and they end up sleeping together inside the cage.

But when Joe falls asleep, Beck tries to make a run for it (though, of course, Joe is able to stop her before she can escape). Hurt by her betrayal of his trust, Joe proceeds to strangle her and starts crying when he thinks she's dead. Little does he know, though, that she was actually just faking it. She takes the opportunity to try and run away again, but alas it yields the same unfortunate results and he ends up choking her to death for real this time.

Joe decides to bury Beck's body in the woods near Dr. Nicky's house and frames the therapist for her death in the book. He's arrested and ultimately found guilty, thus granting Joe revenge on the man that Beck had an affair with.

However, just in case the story doesn't end tragically enough, the final part of the book focuses on a woman who comes to the bookstore in the hopes of applying for a job. Much like Beck and Candace, Joe finds himself immediately taken with her, thus implying that she will become the focus of his new romantic obsession and could very well end up sharing the same fate as Beck and Candace.

As for whether or not the series will end in the same way the book did, viewers will just have to tune in and find out. Given how the rest of the show has played out, it seems likely, though let's not forget about that urine Joe accidentally left behind at Peach's house upstate. Will that really amount to nothing? It's possible the Lifetime show could end up giving Beck the happier ending she deserved. Granted, it'd be a huge deviation from Kepnes' novel, so it feels kinda unlikely. But hey, you never know — this series could still end up surprising us, even the avid fans of the book.