13 People Confess What Their Dating Profile Would Say If They Were Brutally Honest & It Gets Dark

Jacob Lund/Fotolia

When it comes to dating, we often think that honesty is the best policy. We know that we should be open about who we are as people and let those that we're dating either take it or leave it. I used to think that there was no such thing as too much honesty. I used to think. But a new AskReddit thread has me wondering if that's really the case.

People took to Reddit to share what their honest dating profiles would say. You know, not the "I love going out! I love staying in! I make the best chocolate chip cookies and give blow jobs that will make you brain melt!" type of profiles. Instead, sharing the honest, not dressed up opinions of themselves. For example, mine might say "Sex writer who regularly puts on clothes inside out, doesn't wash hair for a worrying amount of time, and is never without 34 bags of partially eaten dried mango in my purse. Also emotionally constipated."

Yours might say something different. But if you take a look at what these folks on Reddit had to say, you're bound to feel better about your dating hangups. Really. Check out what they had to say about their honest dating profiles— because things got dark in a hurry.


A Brutal Admission

Applies to used cars and most daters.


The Lovable Procrastinator

... or maybe just a procrastinator.


A Feline Lover

But wouldn't you always be better off getting a cat?


A Set Of Instructions

At least it would help things move along.


This Dark Truth



Aren't We All Though?

I mean, you could seriously put this on my damn grave. Seriously.


Not Messing Around

Who has time for long walks on the beach? Who?


Is There A Pun In There?

Nope, no just me.


This Deal-Breaker

Simply. Not. Acceptable.



This sounds a little too honest.


Not A Great Sign

This is slightly worrying.


The Ultimate Takedown

The entire internet says 'same'.


This Doesn't Sound So Bad

Isn't that just a relationship?

I always say that honesty is the best policy. But these responses make me think that I may be wrong. Honesty is sometimes the best policy.