How Is Princess Eugenie Related To Prince Harry? They Seem To Have A Close Relationship

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There's no denying that the British royal family is big. It can definitely be hard keeping track of the members, not to mention how everyone is connected. With another royal wedding coming up, you might be wondering how Princess Eugenie is related to Prince Harry. It's certainly a valid question, and an easy one to answer.

Eugenie and Harry are cousins. Yes, it's that simple. Prince Andrew (Eugenie's father) is Prince Charles' (Harry's dad) younger brother. That would make Charles Eugenie's uncle and Harry and Prince William Eugenie's cousins. Her mother is Sarah Ferguson, who split from Andrew in 1996.

This also means Queen Elizabeth II is Eugenie's grandmother. Charles also has two other siblings. They are Anne, the Princess Royal, and Prince Andrew, the Earl of Wessex. Andrew, the Duke of York, isn't as well known as Charles or as highly discussed, so it's understandable if people are unclear of how Eugenie fits into the royal family.

Eugenie is younger than Harry by six years, making her 28. The Duke of Sussex is 33. Since they were little, the royal cousins have grown up around each other and have both dealt with the same limelight that comes with being a princess and prince. Eugenie and Harry can usually be seen together celebrating important royal events, like Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle or any celebration for the Queen, like her recent 92nd birthday.

According to an ABC News report from January, Eugenie is "very close to her cousins, William and Harry." If true, that's nice to hear, because they can probably lean on each other with constantly being in the public eye and having their relationships scrutinized daily.

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Furthermore, People reported in May that Eugenie and her fiancé Jack Brooksbank moved in next door to Harry and Markle. The soon-to-be married duo reportedly moved into Kensington Palace's Ivy Cottage in April. According to People, their cottage is right next to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's place, so they just might see each other a lot, you know, when they're not busy being royals and having careers.

People also reported in May that the two royal couples are "close." Apparently, the couples "have spent several evenings out together in London and in Toronto while Meghan was filming Suits last year." As reported by the Daily Express in November 2016, Harry, Markle, Eugenie, and Brooksbank went to a Halloween party together in Toronto.

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At that time, Eugenie also reportedly said Harry and Markle an are "the perfect match." An insider also dished, "They have all become great friends. Eugenie loves Meghan to bits and believes she is perfect for Harry." The insider also claimed about the four, "They are thick as thieves and may even all go on holiday together soon."

As reported by Good Housekeeping in May, Andrew Morton's biography, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, suggested Eugenie and Meghan bonded "over a shared love of art, dogs, and late-night macaroni suppers." Well, that would connect anyone, wouldn't it?

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It sure sounds like Eugenie and Harry have a solid foundation not only as cousins, but as two young individuals who've taken the next serious step in in their relationships. They probably appreciate having each other in their lives, especially now more than ever.