Kylie's Royal Peach Palette Is Supersized

It's supersized. Kylie Jenner teased the new Royal Peach eyeshadow palette on Snapchat. While full details and intel are coming on Monday, Jan. 2, Jenner did share some key updates about her Royal Peach Palette. The makeup mogul verbally confirmed in one of her snaps that Royal Peach is out Jan. 12 and was inspired by the peach eye look she slayed during NYFW. While previous Kyshadow palettes — Bronze, Burgundy, and the jewel-toned, winter x holiday edition — have been square and have included nine pans of shadow, Royal Peach has been expanded. How many eyeshadow colors are in the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette?

Royal Peach includes three additional shadows, totaling 12 eyeshadows in the set. But you know what's infinite? The amount of looks you can create with these hues. Since there are more eyeshadows, the RP palette is rectangular and longer to accommodate more pans o' product.

Three additional pans of shadow isn't the sole way that the Royal Peach palette is different than other Kyshadow sets. Royal Peach comes with an accompanying brush, which Jenner also stated via Snapchat. Jenner did create a limited edition set of makeup brushes for the Holiday 2016 collection. But other than that, her palettes did not feature a brush.

Jenner did not reveal whether or not the changes — more colors and a brush— will apply to all future palettes, either. We will have to wait and see when she drops more intel about Royal Peach on Monday, Jan. 2. That said, peach remains a killer trend for eyeshadow. Remember, Too Faced's blockbuster Sweet Peach palette, which eventually inspired a full collection, sold out on the regular.

Here is the screen grab from Jenner's Snapchat unveiling Royal Peach.

Jenner offered a look at the hues and textures on Snapchat. You can see there are mattes, shimmers, neutrals, and bright colors.

Royal Peach is a long and slim case.

It's comprised of a wealth of colors.

There are also blue and purple shadows.

The rest of the critical deets are coming on Jan. 2 so stay tuned for the lowdown on Royal Peach.

Listen to Jenner beam with pride over her latest "baby."

She has another eyeshadow hit on her hands, er, lids.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (5); Kylizzle Snapchats/Instagram (2)