Kate & Will Could Follow In The Queen's Footsteps When It Come To Their Number Of Kids

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If you haven't heard, Kate Middleton is now a mom of three. It's definitely an exciting time for her, Prince William, Prince George, and Princess Charlotte. On Monday, April 23, it was announced that Middleton gave birth to a baby boy. Now that they are a family of five, you might be wondering about how many kids Middleton and William want.

Seeing as Middleton went into labor not too long ago, having another baby probably isn't on her mind. Plus, she's going to have her hands full even more so now with three little ones. Whatever the case, it's hard to say for certain if the couple is done having babies or if she wants more.

Whether they decide to or not, there are many people who have opinions. In September 2017, a "villager" from Bucklebury, where Carole and Michael Middleton, Kate's parents, live spoke with People about Middleton wanting more children. "I reckon Kate will try to emulate the Queen and have four!" Of course, this doesn't mean she will follow in Queen Elizabeth II's footstep by having four children, but it could happen.

However, if you ask John Haley, the owner of the Old Boot Inn, where Middleton and William have dined several times, he thinks Middleton is probably done. (Haley also attended Middleton and William's wedding.) Haley told People last September, "I can’t imagine Kate will want any more given the ordeal that she goes through every pregnancy. I should think that three children is enough."

By "ordeal", it seems Haley is referring to Middleton experiencing severe morning sickness, aka Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), with each of her three pregnancies. According to Dr. Roger Gadsby of Warwick University, who spoke with CBS News in September 2017, HG can be "absolutely devastating". He said, "Your life is on hold while the symptoms are present." CBS News also reported that some pregnant women who have HG can even experience such severe nausea and vomiting that they must be hospitalized.

Regarding Middleton's condition, she was hospitalized while pregnant with George. She also had to cancel several appearances during all three pregnancies, including George's first day of school in September 2017. That said, it's unclear if Middleton's HG will affect her decision to have another child or not.

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According to a source who spoke with the Daily Express, Middleton had to convince William to have a third child, because she "always wanted more than two children." The source also said, "As one of three, Kate wanted at least three. William was more reluctant, not just because he was one of two, but because George was quite a difficult baby." The source continued, "Then they had Charlotte and she was a lot easier. Now the idea of a newborn doesn’t seem half as challenging, they’ve done it twice before and they’ve got all their staff in place."

In September 2014, The Independent reported that only did Middleton want to have three children before she was 35 (she's currently 36), but that the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly informed friends she wanted "at least" three kids. Apparently, Middleton wants her kids to have a similar experience growing up to what she did with her two siblings, Pippa Middleton and James Middleton.

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Whatever they decides, there's a chance the public will never know. The British Royal Family doesn't typically open up about personal matters, like how many kids they're planning to have, opting to just talk about baby news once they're ready to confirm updates. If or when they ever discuss the possibility of expanding their family or not, it'll certainly be on their terms. Either way, at least their fans can rest easy knowing all kinds of cute moments are ahead involving Middleton and William's three kiddos.