Kylie's Blushes Are One Of Her Most Affordable Products

Kylie Cosmetics is still riding the high of releasing their Kylighters and Velvet Liquid Lipsticks. The two latest launches don't seem to have slowed down Kylie Jenner, though. The creator of Kylie Cosmetics is launching blushes, and fans now know how much Kylie blush costs. Jenner has never been one to keep too many secrets from her fans, and as of Thursday, the only thing they didn't really know about the new blushes were the cost. That, however, has now changed thanks to social media.

On Thursday, the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account posted a new image of the vibrantly hued rouges. All five blushes are set to debut tomorrow, March 24 at 3 pm PT, and now, fans of Jenner's can prepare their wallets for the cost. While it would have been easy to assume that the blushes would cost the same as the Kylighters, it turns out they're less expensive. According to the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram, the blushes will ring in at $20 making them $2 less than the Kylighters. They're actually one of Jenner's most affordable products.

If fans want to purchase the blushes, they'll probably need to do so quickly, though. This is the first time blushes from the brand will launch individually, and it offers a unique chance for fans to snag a blush thought would be limited edition.

X-Rated, one of the upcoming blush launches, was actually already previewed in the Kylie's Diary Valentine's Day Collection palette. While that palette only had one sale, fans can now snag a part of it that they previously thought would be unavailable.

As of press time, Jenner had yet to take to her popular Snapchat to swatch the blushes, but if the pans of product are any indication, they'll be stunning.

If fans want to snag one of the five new Kylie Cosmetics blushes, they now have all their ducks in a row for the big launch on Friday. From the price to the names to the shades, Kylie Jenner has once again delivered a new product and new hype all over again.