The Valentine's Day Kylie Diary Is A Must Have

by Jessica Thomas

In case you missed it, Kylie Jenner dropped a major bomb with her Kylie Cosmetics Valentine's Day collection, which she revealed on Snapchat Wednesday. The cosmetics mogul is not one to shy away from the opportunity to celebrate a holiday with some new limited edition products, and you could hardly expect her to pass by Valentine's Day without acknowledging it (I mean, the woman had an entire collection dedicated to her birthday).

Jenner totally exceeded my expectations with the Valentine's Day collection, which contains some classic favorite products (like mini matte lip kits) as well as new offerings. But the products I'm most excited for? That's Kylie's Diary, a new palette that's seriously the coolest product I've seen her put out so far.

Kylie's Diary is a combination eyeshadow and blush palette, and the coolest part is that it opens like an actual diary. When you open up the "book," you'll find six new eyeshadow shades and two new blush(!!) shades. You're not reading that wrong — Jenner has officially ventured into the world of blush with her two new shades, First Date and Virginity, in the Diary palette. There's even a mini mirror in the palette and a signature from Jenner herself.


Here's the outside of Kylie's Diary. How cute is the red glitter?


And here's the back. I love how it looks like an actual real book. And the names of the shades are of course Valentine's Day themed.


Um, how great is it that there's a mirror in the actual palette? Love it.


Jenner is officially jumping into the blush game, and I love these peach and bright pink shades.


Gotta love a good swatch pic. The shades in the palette seem like a nice mix of matte and sparkly and light and dark shades. Like all of Jenner's palettes, they're nice and pigmented.

Although these Snapchat photos are far from perfect, they're our first glance at Jenner's coolest new product offering. I for one can't wait to see more.