Makeup Geek's Creme Lippies Are Affordable

by Jessica Thomas

There's pretty much nothing better than a beloved makeup brand releasing a new formulation of one of their signature products. So when I heard the news about Makeup Geek's Showstopper Creme Stains, I knew fans were going to be super pumped about this new release from the cult favorite cosmetics line. The brand has been hyping the fact that it's going to release tons of new lip formulas this year, and so far it's holding true to that promise.

Makeup Geek is known for its lip products, so releasing a new one causes some understandable fanfare. Although the brand hasn't released too much information about the formulation of the products yet, it's safe to assume the lippies are going to have a softer, less matte finish than a typical liquid lipstick. The "stain" part of Creme Stain also makes me assume that the colors are going to be super long lasting. So the question that's on everyone's mind is natural: How much do the Showstopper Creme Stains cost? Luckily, they're not too expensive. The lipsticks will retail on the Makeup Geek website for $12 a piece, which isn't bad if you ask me.

If you're really interested in splurging, you can also purchase the entire 18-piece collection with every shade of the Creme Stains for $150. That works out to about $8 a shade, which is actually a pretty amazing deal. Plus, check out how cute the shades in the collection are.

How gorgeous are these bright shades? Loving the bright options for spring.

Showstopper Creme Stain in Tango, $12,

This poppy coral shade, Tango, is perfect for summer.

Showstopper Creme Stain in Foxtrot, $12,

If you're looking for a basic nude shade, this one is perfect.

Showstopper Creme Stain in Twerk, $12,

Looking for a bold option? This emerald green is a fun, unexpected shade.

Makeup Geek

Showstopper Creme Stain Complete Set, $150,

Want to go all out? The entire collection can be yours for $150. But get this collection quickly, because it's limited edition.